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RE: [tips_and_tricks] Jurisdictionary - learn how to win lawsuits - and maybe the people can take back America

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  • David E. Wolfensperger
    I write to inform you that there are only two seminars left: Lexington, Ky. and Cincinnati, Ohio. . I am the host of the Cincinnati seminar coming up on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2006
      I write to inform you that there are only two seminars left:  Lexington, Ky. and Cincinnati, Ohio. .  I am the host of the Cincinnati seminar coming up on Saturday, October 28.  Don't miss out.  This opportunity may not be available again.  This is important for everyone even those who think they know the law and procedure and especially for those who realize there is a problem in America but are afraid.  This seminar will help overcome fear, which merely stiffles a person in his thought and in his action.  It is time to overcome fear.  In Hosea, the creator tells us that His people languish for lack of knowledge.  Please register for these last two seminars.
      Everyone in America needs to understand the legal process so that the people can take back our courts.  We all need to learn how to hold the court and its participants to the law, how to make a record of the law as well as the facts (proof), how to make pleadings, and understand procedure so as to force the court to procede in a just and proper manner.
      These things and much more are taught by noted author and attorney,  Dr. Frederick D. Graves JD. in his "Lawsuit Self-Help ... Step-by-Step" course.  Dr. Graves recognizes that the legal profession has failed America.  In fact, he is ashamed of his profession.  He and his wife have been traveling the country teaching everyone how it is done.  He teaches a process to win lawsuits.  This process is used in every occasion. 
      This information can and should be taught in high school at the lates.  The powers that be do not want us to have this information, and for good reason.  This information gives us the power to take back our country if enough people learn.  With this information, the people of America could very well overcome fear - fear of the government, fear of the judiciary.
      Yours in truth,

      Only 2 All-Day Live Seminars Left ... Register NOW

      Cincinnatti, Ohio ... Saturday (Oct. 28) at Holiday Inn Convention Ctr
      Lexington, Kentucky ... Saturday (November 4) at Radisson Plaza


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