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Petition to remove Judge Chajka

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  • Advancepum@aol.com
    rom: Ron Loeber To: *NYJailers Cc: *JAIL4Judges Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 7:16 PM Subject: Petition to remove Judge Chajka Like so many of us, Phil Mann
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2003
      rom: Ron Loeber
      To: *NYJailers
      Cc: *JAIL4Judges
      Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 7:16 PM
      Subject: Petition to remove Judge Chajka

      Like so many of us, Phil Mann has been worked over by the courts... in
      particular by one Judge Chajka for the last 7 years. Phil has documented it
      and you can read about it on his website www.allegedfelons.com. He has put a
      lot of work into explaining what happened. Phil has created a Petition to
      get NYS Judge Chajka removed from office. That Petition is on Phil's
      website. The more people who sign Phil's Online Petition, the more it will
      be noticed by government... and the more effect it may have.

      We are asking everyone to check out Phil's website, see what happened to
      him, read the petition... and sign it. It would be nice if you forwarded
      this to everyone on your list and asked them to do the same.

      Lets all take this opportunity help out a fellow JAILer. There is more to
      come. Phil will keep us posted on what's happening. If you have any
      questions about this, please reply directly to Phil Mann

      Ron Loeber, JAILer-In-Chief

      The following letter regarding Judge Czajka's Nov. 8, 1999 decision,
      disgracefully depriving an American citizen of his right to free speech was
      sent to the US Attorney's Office / Northern District :

      December 1, 2001

      U.S. Atty. Pavone:

      Here is the Court Order in which the judge threatens me that contacting your
      office or the press on this matter could be considered interfering with the
      judicial process. In the only phone conversation I had with you, when I was
      attempting to contact Mr. French, you said no less than 3 times you couldn't
      believe a judge would say that. Here it is on paper.

      Apparently the judge didn't want me exposing him or his friends. It's my
      Constitutional right to report a crime or contact the press.

      If I want to stand on top of a building with a megaphone and scream that
      these people stole my inheritance and were shielded by local law enforcement,
      that's my right too.

      Brave American soldiers are over in Afghanistan fighting terrorists who would
      kill to oppress our freedoms. Why can some nobody judge in a small town
      court threaten the rights of a U. S. citizen and get away with it?


      Philip Mann

      Petition to Governor George Pataki to Remove New York State Judge Paul
      Czajka from the judiciary, and to appoint an independent special prosecutor
      investigate/prosecute for the following allegations:

      Obstruction of Justice, Aiding and Abetting, Abuse of Power, Abuse of
      Discretion, Violation of his Oath to Uphold the Law and Serve the Public,
      Violation of an American Citizen's Constitutional Right to Due Process and
      Free Speech.

      Description of Allegations:

      Judge Czajka condoned litigants in his courtroom lying at their depositions,
      without punishment.

      Judge Czajka condoned the apparent commission of a fraud in his courtroom,
      even though the judge had substantial evidence to the contrary.

      Judge Czajka deliberately designed decisions which aided and abetted the
      commission of an alleged fraud.

      Judge Czajka denied victims in his courtroom the right to call a key witness,
      in an alleged attempt to suppress evidence.

      Judge Czajka denied many of the victims' claims for damages, pre-trial, in an
      apparent effort to protect the alleged criminals.

      Judge Czajka threatened a victim with payback for resisting the judge's
      attempt to coerce an unfavorable settlement, then acted upon that threat by
      giving away a family's inheritance.

      In an American Courtroom - Judge Czajka threatened a victim that reporting
      these allegations to the press, the public, and the authorities, could get
      that victim sanctioned, thereby violating an American citizen's
      constitutional right to free speech and due process.

      We believe that, for all of the above-mentioned allegations, Judge Paul
      Czajka should be removed from the judiciary, signed;

      ( To sign this petition, please log onto
      << www.petitiononline.com/czajka >>- REMOVE JUDGE CZAJKA, RESTORE JUSTICE.)
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