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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Protect Yourself from Lawyers - Legal Seminar

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  • David E. Wolfensperger
    www.Jurisdictionary.com Frederick Graves is a doctor of law. He is traveling the country to teach the most important topic that everyone should know - court
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006
       www.Jurisdictionary.com  Frederick Graves is a doctor of law.  He is traveling the country to teach the most important topic that everyone should know - court room procedure.  It is a topic that everyone should be taught in grade school or high school but is NOT.  It is a topic that everyone is expected to know; but the average man or woman have no idea.  This is a must for everyone.  It is amazing how much information can be taught and learned in such a short time with good communication skills and great organization.

      Protect yourself from legal corruption!Protect Yourself from Lawyers!

      Whether You're a Plaintiff orDefendant ... You must know how to protect yourself from crooked lawyers ... Even your own, if you have one! ...
         If you want to win your lawsuit, the first thing to do is understand it is a lawsuit ... Not a debate, battle of wits, or creative writing contest.
         There are rules. Rules you cannot violate and win. Rules you must force the other side to follow. Rules you must force the judge to follow!
         You wouldn't sit down to a game of poker, turn one card over and say, "Hit me!" Tactics that work well for blackjack don't work at all in a game of poker ... Because the rules are different.
         Why then do so many good people go to court ignoring the rules of procedure, the rules of evidence, and the elements of causes of action that win lawsuits?
         Because, dear friends, you need Jurisdictionary to explain them to you.
         People contact us all the time to say they've spent years in the law library and still can't figure out what's going on.
         We understand.
         Many of you have excellent arguments. The law is on your side ... But you don't know the rules.
         So you lose ...needlessly.
         Too many of you are struggling with advice of amateurs ... And losing ... Needlessly.
         We make it easy to understand the rules of procedure, the rules of evidence, and the all-important rules that control causes of action that determine the outcome of every lawsuit.
         If you don't know your "causes of action" and the elements that must be pled and proved, you haven't got a chance against a seasoned lawyer.
         If you haven't come to see the common-sense of the rules of evidence and how to recognize hearsay, you cannot win.
         If you ignore the rules of procedure, write 30-page pleadings, file motions without supporting them with memoranda, and fail to exercise your right to discover evidence from the other side and from non-parties like the phone company or an expert witness, you might as well give up now.
         Jurisdictionary gives you the power you need to control crooked lawyers and corrupt judges.
          1. The rules of Pleadings.
          2. The rules of Proof.
          3. The rules of Procedure.
        Everyone who knows about Jurisdictionary will gladly tell you our teachings work!

      Get your competitive edge at www.Jurisdictionary.com ... OR .. Attend one of our all-day seminars. Here's our seminar schedule:

      Springfield, Illinois ... Saturday (October 7th) at the Crowne Plaza
      Chicago, Illinois ... Saturday (October 14th) at University of Illinois at Chicago
      Louisville, Kentucky ... Saturday (October 21st) at the Executive Inn
      Cincinnatti, Ohio ... Saturday (October 28th) at Holiday Inn Convention Center
      Lexington, Kentucky ... Saturday (November 4th) at the Radisson Plaza
      Dayton, Ohio ... Saturday (November 11th) at Holiday Inn Dayton Airport


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