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UK speeding ticket$, zero tolerance

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  • hobot
    Nothing to really discuss on this post from an old brit motrocyclist, just showing how it works over thereeee until it come here... I don t know if the US law
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
      Nothing to really discuss on this post from an old brit
      motrocyclist, just showing how it works over thereeee until
      it come here...

      I don't know if the US law is the same but in the UK breaking the
      speed limit is what they call an "absolute offence". In other
      words if you go over the limit you are guilty. You cannot plead
      not guilty because you had a reason for going over. All you can do
      is plead guilty and enter some mitigating circumstances such as
      "wife was about to give birth". What this means is that you can't
      go over 50 to pass someone doing 40 in a 50 zone. In reality it
      would be dangerous to restrict yourself in this way so the only
      safe legal option is to stay behind. Obviously, especially on a
      bike, you are going to crack the throttle open and pass as quickly
      as you can. This is right and proper and yet you still get idiots
      who chime up with " stay below the limit and you won't get
      caught". I live in a seaside town with many drivers over 80 years
      old. They stick to about 20 - 25mph and they are some of the most
      dangerous drivers in the area. I don't know if they get hassled
      by the local cops but I doubt it somehow. As you say, nicking
      drivers for speeding is easy revenue, and with a magistrates court
      system that is little more than an arm of the police, a rubber
      stamping body, you have almost no chance of successfully pleading
      not guilty. I know because I have twice been wrongly accused and
      even had the police video which supported my argument in one case.
      I was still found guilty on the basis that although the speed
      claimed by the police was not reliable it was still sufficient to
      show that I had exceeded 30. They actually said that even if the
      reading was incorrect it could not be 15mph out. I was always of
      the opinion that unreliable technical evidence would be
      inadmissible but not with speeding. You are not charged with doing
      45 but instead with exceeding 30. As long as the they think it was
      likely you went even 1mph over 30 they can and will convict. In
      the UK 90% plead guilty to a speeding charge and of the 10% who
      don't only 1 in 10 succeed. That means the coppers get a 99%
      strike rate for speeding and no other motoring charge comes
      anywhere near that. For having no insurance charges they have a
      50% failure rate in court and yet you would have thought that
      would be cut and dried. Sorry for the rant but this issue is a
      real thorn in my side as I was a professional driver doing 90,000
      miles a year and I lost my license and my job as a result of speed
      cameras and am now waiting for the first stages of bankruptcy
      proceedings to start.
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