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Re: Legal Threat Evaporates after HSLDA Intervenes

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  • soc_anon_01
    First, I always send a NOTICE to the school my children attend and it states what We, my bride and my self expect and what we will not tolerate. We always
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 28, 2006
      First, I always send a "NOTICE" to the school my children attend and
      it states what We, my bride and my self expect and what we will not

      We always inform the school board (by individual members) school
      administrative staff, teachers, and it also states it applies to any
      contact by any person (flesh and blood or artificial) who comes in
      contact with our child and for any reason whatsoever.

      The recipients receive there copy by registered post with a signed
      return receipt and a copy of a third party proof of mailing and are
      instructed to place the document (NOTICE) in our Childs permanent

      We especially forbid any contact by the police, social workers,
      psychiatrist, psychologist, and non-staff doctors, nurses, or any
      other staff or non-staff professional without express permission in
      writing and signed by my bride and myself in our christen names and
      capacities as Father and Mother as well as Guardians or at our
      discretion to be present for all contact and tests if applicable.

      It is expressly and painfully precise as to what our child can or
      cannot be exposed to.

      We go through the schools hand book each year and modify our NOTICE to
      accommodate the changes that are incorporated therein.

      Hope this give you ideas.


      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, Greg Knapp <gregoryknapp@...>
      > I have 4 adopted kids. 2 have been homeschooled their whole
      > educational career, the other 2 were once g-schooled ( they have
      > special needs). One of the g-schooled kids said something at school
      > that resulted in a CPS investigation, although we didn't know it till
      > the investigator showed up at the door! I let him in (generally a big
      > mistake I have since found out, but it didn't hurt me this time), and
      > sat at my kitchen table and demanded to interview me, my wife, and my
      > 2 homeschooled children. He had already interviewed my other
      > g-schooled child! Upon the demand to see my 2 homeschoolers, I
      > whipped out my HLSDA membership card with the emergency #, called the
      > emergency #, told the person who answered my predicament, and was
      > IMMEDIATELY transferred to the cellphone of Mr. Klicka, HLSDA
      > attorney for Texas. As I spoke with Mr. Klicka in front of the CPA
      > worker, I repeated aloud what Mr. Klicka was saying in response to my
      > questions. After the call, the worker folded up his kit, and left
      > immediately, never to be heard from again! Thank the Lord for HSLDA!
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