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How they deal w/ the IRS down South

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  • Legalbear
    George Gordon and Bob Hallstrom used to say, If you are not having fun, you ain t doin it right. Doing it like this sounds like fun! Bear From: ROBERT
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2006

      George Gordon and Bob Hallstrom used to say, “If you are not having fun, you ain’t doin’ it right.” Doing it like this sounds like fun! Bear


      From: ROBERT CLARKSON [mailto:clarksonrobt@...]
      : Monday, September 04, 2006 8:42 AM
      Subject: Charlottte: Confrontation with IRS: Wednesday [flyer]


      Come One. Come All!


      Bullying2Stand up to the IRS Bullies!

      in   Charlotte NC  on   Wednesday, Sept 6

      Place: At IRS office, 6635 Executive Circle, Charlotte , NC
      This is the same office that we went to for Dan's hearing (which was canceled that day).


      Time: 9:30am or earlier; assemble in parking lot behind building

                10am: Advance into IRS office.

                 Brunch afterwards nearby.

                Regular Patriot meeting: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays.


      Planning session: Tuesday, Sept 5 at monthly location, below.

      ·         Surprise the Tax Bullies ... Bring cameras, posters, flags, etc. Fun learning experience for entire family.

      ·         Join the Brave Patriots in giving these IRS thugs a dose of their own medicine. Watch them cower plus stop their bullying and lying to loyal American citizens. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

      ·         Come support your fellow Patriots as they confront the mighty, mighty tax agency, stand up for their rights and force the tax bullies to back down.

      ·         Learn how you can protect your RIGHTS and stand up to government authorities. Study under Robert Clarkson, who himself has done this so many times.

      Our Fearless Leader

      Our Fearless Assistant

      The Patriot

      Robert Clarkson
      email: Robert@...

      Nelson Waller
      email: nelson@...

      Patriot Wane Marett
      Patriot's # 704-272-8863


      Patriot's email: a2zmusic@...

      More information from PO Box 2368 , Anderson SC 29621 ; www.patriotnetwork.info Note: The cowards cancelled the last Confrontation in Charlotte . Best to call ahead.

      DIRECTIONS: off Albermarle Dr-Hwy 27; call or pick up at planning session.

      Monthly Meetings at 7pm; supper at 6.

      Charlotte: 1st Tuesday at Shoney’s, 2539 Little Rock Rd X I-85, exit 32. Gary704-574-7322. Rock Hill: 3rd Tuesday, Denny's, 2611 Cherry Road X I-77, exit 82B. next to Quality Inn.


      new e-mail address: robert@...
      phone number: 864-225-3061
      address:POB 2368, Anderson SC 29621
      website: www.PatriotNetwork.info

      FREEDOM is not Free!


      PHONE #s: 970-330-3883/720-203-5142 c. 

      For mailing:  Excellence Unlimited, 2830 27th St. Ln. #B115,  Greeley , CO   80634  







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    • Thomas Galletly
      Can anyone help this lady or advise what steps to take? Thanks. Tom Wanted: Help getting my kids back from CPS My children were taken away by cps because I
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 4, 2006

        Can anyone help this lady or advise what steps to take?

        Thanks.  Tom

        Wanted: Help getting my kids back from CPS

        My children were taken away by cps because I was "mentally unstable"
        and my husband neglected them by failing to protect them from me. My
        husband moved out and got a new place so the kids wouldn't have to be
        with his mom all the time. She has guardianship at the moment, but cps
        lets my husband have access to them whenever he wants. Our case keeps
        going back and forth between case managers, and it just seems like cps
        doesn't care. They have been gone for five months, and we only get
        to see each other once a week for two hours. We celebrated my son's
        seventh birthday in a cps conference room.

        I am much better now, as I have been consistently taking my medicine,
        and have been attending parenting classes and also a support group for
        those who have depression and bi polar disorder. I have also been in
        weekly therapy sessions since April, and I have started school again.
        They won't trust me with the kids until I am "stable", but who could
        ever be stable when their family has been ripped apart? Not having my
        children is really taking its toll on me despite the medications. No
        pill can take away the heartbreak of losing your family. Sorry to
        ramble so much, but I just don't know what to do anymore.

        sweetie2u85741 [ColdRainNThunder@...]

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