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Fw: [We The People] Blood on Their Hands? Answers or Death: Day 10 of Income Tax Hunger Strike

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  • Tally Eddings
    Blood On Their Hands? Rose Lear Day 10 Hunger StrikePLEASE HELP. ... From: Phil Patana To: Phil Patana Sent: Monday, March 17, 2003 7:33 AM Subject: Fw: [We
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      Blood On Their Hands? Rose Lear Day 10 Hunger Strike
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      Sent: Monday, March 17, 2003 7:33 AM
      Subject: Fw: [We The People] Blood on Their Hands? Answers or Death: Day 10 of Income Tax Hunger Strike

      This is an urgent message.  William Lear from Muskegon, MI was recently fraudulently convicted of Willful Failure to File under 26 USC 7203.  That statute is a penalty statute and can only be valid if some other underlying tax liability has been defined.  The form he failed to file was not specified.  The underlying tax liability that should form the basis for any filing was not specified.   Mr. Lear has an 8th grade education.  He opted to defend himself in court and apparently did a poor job.  The court appointed attorney for Mr. Lear sat in the back of the room during the trial and offered him absolutely no assistance.  Mr. Lear's wife has undertaken a hunger strike until the government answers certain valid querstions relating to Mr. Lear's tax liability.  When she began the hunger strike 10 days ago she weighed 100 lb.  As of yesterday I understand that she now weighs only 90 lb.  Please contact your congressional representatives today and demand justice for Mr. Lear and an answer to the valid questions that have been posed by Mrs. Lear.  Why won't they answer her questions?  Obviously, you and I know the true answer to that question.  These are some of the same questions that instigated Bob Schulz' hunger strike in 2001.  The government agreed to answer his questions, then Bob Schulz ended his hunger strike, then the government reneged on their promise.   Please do not let Mrs. Lear die.  We must help her quickly.  I fear she may not survive much longer.  Please contact your congressional representatives today and demand that they take action now.  Tomorow may be too late. Gephart's phone and fax numbers are (202)225-2671 and (202)225-7452.  Kit Bond's are (202)224-5721 and (202)224-8149.  Jim Talent's are (202)224-6154 and (202)228-1518.  The media has been absolutely silent on this - surprised?   I have taken a day's vacation today in order to contact my congressmen and demand justice for Mr. and Mrs. Lear.  Please help in any way you can. 
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      Subject: [We The People] Blood on Their Hands? Answers or Death: Day 10 of Income Tax Hunger Strike

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      Blood on Their Hands?

      Answers or Death:
      Day 10 of Rose Lear's Hunger Strike

      Yesterday, Rose Lear of Muskegon, Michigan sent us a message which began, "I'm sending this statement out today because after 10 days without food, I'm not sure how much longer I will be coherent enough to communicate with you." Her entire message including the telephone and fax numbers of her elected officials can be read by clicking here.

      Last Sunday, Bob Schulz traveled to Muskegon to meet and to help the Lears. After a failed attempt with the District Court to obtain a stay of sentence, Schulz accompanied both Rose and her husband William Lear to Duluth, Minnesota where William surrendered himself to authorities to begin his prison sentence for his recent "Willful Failure to File" tax conviction.  Click here to learn more about the Lears and this injustice.

      Rose Lear wants the income tax Petition for Redress of Grievances answered


      And like Schulz's hunger strike of July, 2001, she is prepared to die to get those answers. She is asking everyone to contact their Senators and Representatives ASAP and demand that the  formally commit to answering the over 500 hundred specific questions about U.S. law raised in the Petition that directly challenge the legal jurisdiction of the IRS and the unlawful enforcement of U.S. income tax law.

      Click here to find the phone and fax numbers of your Congressman and the President.

      Rose Lear had repeatedly contacted her Congressman, Rep. Peter Hoekstra and demanded answers to the Petition. At first, Rep. Hoekstra's staff denied even having received the Petition until confronted with the formal Proof of Service documenting receipt of the Petition. Even after being confronted with the receipt, Hoekstra, in predictable fashion, told Lear he couldn't help her.

      Everyone is urged, in the strongest possible terms, to telephone AND send a fax to EACH of Rose Lear's elected representatives (and your own) to save Lear's lifeCall the media.  Tell Congress and the President what you think:

      Tell them not to let Rose Lear die.

      Tell them to answer the Petition for Redress of Grievances. Why won't they answer?

      Tell them to stand like our Forefathers and uphold their sworn oaths of office.

      Tell them that they have a PERSONAL, MORAL and OFFICIAL responsibility to get the answers for Rose Lear --- and for all of us.

      Tell them that referring these questions to the IRS or "responding" with IRS or Congressional Research Service (CRS) propaganda will not cut it. We The People demand OFFICIAL, ON-THE-RECORD ANSWERS. 

      Tell them IRS is in the Executive branch. Congress is obligated by a separate, Constitutional duty to directly answer the Petition for Redress.

      Tell them to use their highly paid lawyers and staff to get the answers.

      Tell them to protect Rose Lear's Rights under the Constitution.

      Tell them the days of the People tolerating the indictment and imprisonment of innocent Americans like William Lear as political prisoners are quickly nearing an end.

      Tell them they are going to have to explain to their constituents WHY their elected officials would let the citizens of this nation die rather than answer a few legal questions.

      Tell them the People have had enough -- enough that they are now willing to give their very lives -- to publicly protest the seizure of our most fundamental rights.

      Tell them to look at the Petition for Redress regarding the income tax to see for themselves why Rose Lear is willing to die -- and why ANY reasonable person would conclude that Bill Lear was right in his beliefs that he was not required to file a tax return or pay a tax that NO U.S. LAW requires him to pay.

      Tell these elected officials to immediately determine for themselves the accuracy of the facts and to move for a full-blown congressional hearing, requiring the IRS and DOJ to appear before Congress to address the evidence and to answer the questions.

      Tell these elected representatives you are prepared to retain and hold onto your tax money until the government honors its Constitutional obligation to properly respond to the People's Petition for Redress regarding the individual income tax system.

      Tell them - in no uncertain terms --
      "No Answers, NO TAXES."

      Tell them that the tax issue is NOT going away. Tell them We The People are NOT going away.

      Tell them there will be blood on their hands if this government refuses to answer.

      Tell them Rose Lear will not die in vain.

       There WILL be accountability to We The People.


      to save Rose Lear's life.

      Click here to find the phone and fax numbers of your Congressman and the President.

      Click Here to read Schulz's personal notes about the Lears and their story.

      Click Here  to read the March 16 message from Rose Lear. 

      Click Here and Here to read two archived WTP articles documenting Congress's "responses" to the record of the historical Truth-in-Taxation hearing and the thousands of constituent Petitions served on every member of Congress on April 15, 2002.  

      Click Here to Read Why Bob Schulz is Forming the WTP-Legal Defense Association and Why The People Are Morally & Legally Justified:  "No Answers, NO Taxes"

      Click Here to obtain the VHS version of the first WTP-TV LIBERTY HOUR Broadcast OR
       the CD-ROM of the Freedom Drive event in DC.

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