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  • Frog Farmer
    This is my reply to a private message I received, but thought that enough has been said on this topic here to make it of interest to some: ... Why d you
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3 2:34 PM
      This is my reply to a private message I received, but thought that
      enough has been said on this topic here to make it of interest to some:

      On Aug 3, 2006, at 1:29 PM, "a friend" wrote:

      > Dear "Frog Farmer",
      > I have been doing 'legal research' for @10 years now and have SOME
      > grasp of the fundamental issues. I would really appreciate any
      > PRACTICAL suggestions you may wish to part with on the following:

      Why'd you capitalize PRACTICAL? Would I waste my time on the
      unPRACTICAL? Have you found anything I've ever recommended to be
      IMPRACTICAL? Please tell me!

      > I am looking to buy a high-ticket vehicle out-of-state and wished to
      > really 'buy' it and take the MSO/MCO and all Invoices in-hand,
      > without 'registration'.

      Good for you!

      > You consistently talk about 'buying' and 'paying' for things
      > [presumably with gold and/or silver coin].

      That's right - the concept is on my mind several times a day.

      > Assuming the current
      > depreciation of FRNs to money of @11.6-to-one,

      This is a misunderstanding, I think. But okay, just for the sake of

      > HOW do you arrange to
      > purchase said gold/siver coin [please skip over barter/exchange-of-
      > services for now]?

      Skip over barter and exchange? Okay. So where do we go from here
      then? I do not accept or facilitate the use of FRNs. Also, rather
      than "purchase" (which only implies taking possession) I prefer to
      transfer allodial absolute ownership to myself.

      But if you are asking me how a user/facilitator of the Federal Reserve
      System, and not how I do things, might secure gold and silver into
      their possession (again, using FRNs or credit and thus not obtaining
      absolute ownership under law, but only an equitable insurable interest
      in the equity jurisdiction) , get a Yellow Pages Phone Book and look
      under "coins". Anyone listed will be able to help you. If you are
      motivated and creative, and they are amenable, you might decide upon
      some other method whereby you may obtain absolute title to the
      property. It's between you and him. Maybe he'd give you a signed
      document to that effect. Maybe he never had absolute title himself,
      and cannot transfer what he does not own himself. You'll have to
      investigate. But testifying in an equity court that you "paid FRNs or
      credit" will not do you much good in establishing your RIGHT to the
      metals. It WILL protect your "equitable interest", if you followed up
      by purchasing insurance, with more FRNs or credit.

      > HOW would you go about 'pitching' such a sale to the vehicle
      > manufacturer to reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement?

      After deciding on the make and model, I'd walk into the dealership with
      the metal in a briefcase, ask to see the owner of the dealership first
      and only (don't waste a salesman's time, because his commission will
      probably have to be credits), and then in the privacy of the owner's
      office, open the case and say, "In trade for this case and its
      contents, I want one just like that one over there, but all electric
      with air, and a darker shade of green. Also, I require the
      Manufacturer's Statement of Origin as part of this deal, as I do not
      intend to register it in This State. If you have a problem with me
      driving it off your lot like that, I will arrange for a trailer. How
      soon may I expect to take possession?" If one is too scared or stupid,
      try another one. Also, the form of gold may be important to the
      seller. Some people I know will refuse to use Kruggerrands, out of a
      sense of political correctness. It doesn't seem to matter that
      apartheid is no longer in effect in South Africa. Some only want U.S.

      > HOW would you go about acquiring and delivering to the manufactuer the
      > wherewithall [the real money] to complete the sale?

      Oh, that's even better, if you are willing to go that far. If I was
      willing to do that, I'd buy a custom built car.
      I'd go there myself to where it was manufactured, with gold in hand.

      > ASSUMING quasi-cash-in-hand [FRNs or equivalent], HOW would I arrange
      > an Escrow/equivalent to protect myself and the vehicle seller?

      I wouldn't know and wouldn't want to know. You're just making more
      witnesses against you. Get rid of your FRNs. Get your gold. Then
      find your dealer. Keep all separate. Hire a bodyguard for protection
      if you feel it is necessary.

      > Have you ever dealt with a gentleman calling himself 'The
      > moneychanger'? Is he even still around?

      I believe I did back in the 1980s! I wouldn't know where he is now. I
      personally obtain a lot of my own gold from small miners in California
      and Alaska. Nuggets are worth more than melted bullion to collectors.
      I trade gemstones for the bulk of it. If they need FRNs and cannot
      deal with gems, I find a local jeweler near to them and work a
      three-way deal where the jeweler gets the stones and maybe some gold,
      and I get my gold, and the miner gets whatever he needs. 3 out of 4
      take the stones and profit from them again.

      I'm looking for a source for quartz rock specimens containing visible
      gold veins, in case anyone knows of anyone.
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