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  • Legalbear
    Sam: I am enjoying the Sabbath today. As such, I read the article you sent with interest. I already knew a good deal of what was written there. I disagree that
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      Sam: I am enjoying the Sabbath today. As such, I read the article you sent with interest. I already knew a good deal of what was written there. I disagree that the Creator’s Name is Yah-way. If you read long enough in Deborjah Taylor’s articles you will come to one of her articles on the Name showing with authority that Yah-way is the name of an Amorite god. Because of their disobedience, there is no way the Amorites could have known the Father’s name. I also buy her reasoning with respect to the use of “j” to reach the Yod sound. She points out that a “j” looks more like a yod (a finger pointing) than a “y”. She also points out that that the yod is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet as is the “j” in English. Further, the “j” can be used to reach the Yah sound the same as the “y” as in hallelujah. Both letters are used to make two sounds; “y” can sound like ee and the “j” like “g” depending upon the situational usage. So, I can go for the lack of a “j” sounding like “g” until recent history as part of an argument that there is no way the Son’s name is Gesus; and, that there is no way the Father’s name is Gehova.


      The reason I like “wah” as opposed to “vay” as the final syllable of both the Father’s and the Son’s name has to do with ancient Hebrew as opposed to Modern Hebrew. As I understand it, the Hebrew letter “vav” sounded more like our “w” in ancient Hebrew. I have seen research that said that either is acceptable. My feeling is that disobedient modern Hebrews would have the proper pronunciation of the “vav” as used in Jahuwah’s Name taken away from them as a result of their disobedience. See Jeremiah 44:26, Jahuwah speaking to the disobedient and rebellious Yisra’elites, “…I have sworn by My great name, says Jahuwah, that My name shall no more be invoked by the mouth of any man of Judah ...”


      My choice of the “w” sound to represent the Hebrew letter “vav” makes more sense when taken in the light of Jahushuwah saying in John 5:43, “I have come in my Father's name…” If the Father’s name is God and the Son’s name is Jesus, there is no way to see the Father’s name in the Son’s. If the Father’s name is Gehova and the Son’s name is Gesus we still cannot see the Father’s name in the Son’s. However, if the Father’s name is Jahuwah and the Son’s name is Jahushuwah it becomes really easy to see the Father’s name in the Son’s; Jahushuwah or Jahshuwah. As I understand it, the difference between the two spellings is that Jahshuwah means “Jah is our salvation,” whereas Jahushuwah means “Jah is my salvation.” If the Hebrew letter “vav” had a “v” sound the Son’s name would sound like Jahushuvah which I have NEVER seen anyone suggest. When we overlay their names like I have above, the only difference between them is the Hebrew letter “sheen” in Jahushuwah’s name. It is this letter that gives His Name the “sh” sound. In Hebrew, each letter has a meaning. The “sheen” means both destroy and bow. 1 John 3:8 says, “…The reason the Son of Jahuwah was made manifest (visible) was to undo (destroy, loosen, and dissolve) the works the devil [has done].” To take away the “sh” sound from Jahushuwah’s Name is to take away His calling to destroy the works of the devil. In Matthew 28:18 Jahushuwah said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go…” This is the manifestation of another aspect of Jahushuwah’s calling…the sending forth of us, as His called out ones, as the shooting of an arrow out of a bow. I contend that people who call upon their savior as Jesus do not know what they are called to do because their savior has a broken bow in his name. The fact that we are the arrows He is sending forth is born out by Isaiah 49:2, “…in the shadow of His hand has He hid me and made me a polished arrow; in His quiver has He kept me close and concealed me.” I have not shot a bow and arrow in a while, but, I am pretty sure that when I did last, the arrow made a shhhhh sound when it was released from the bow.


      The reason the Name I use for the Father has three syllables instead of two springs from Strong’s Hebrew 3068. I noticed that there was an “o” in the middle of the pronunciation aid. When I saw that I felt it quickened to me by the Spirit that to pronounce the Father’s name as Jah-wah was to leave out a syllable and from that point on I began to spell it Jahowah. I then received an email from someone explaining that the “o” was actually an “oo” sound resulting in Jahoowah or Jahuwah. So, again, it felt as if the Spirit was showing me that this was a still more correct pronunciation, so I started spelling the Father’s name with the “u” to reach the “oo” sound and to convey to anyone reading the sounds I had arrived at. When I would say the Father’s name in three syllables as I have arrived at, images would come to my mind of Indians dancing in a circle around a fire chanting Jah oo a…Jah oo a. It turns out that several Indian tribes in this continent well before Columbus arrived were actually Yisra’elites that came here in the dispersion. In Deuteronomy 16:13 I found this hiding under a poor English translation, “I shall observe the Feast of Tabernacles or Booths for seven days after I have gathered in from my threshing floor and wine vat. 14 I shall rejoice in my Feast, me, my son and daughter, my manservant and maidservant, the Levite, the transient and the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow who are within our towns. 15 For seven days I shall go round in a circle and leap in a sacred dance[1] to Jahuwah my Mighty Creator in the place which Jahuwah chooses; because Jahuwah my Mighty Creator will bless me in all my produce and in all the works of my hands, so that I will be altogether joyful.” Apparently those Indians were keeping a Scriptural tradition handed down from their Father’s. I do not know what happened to them, but suspect that they were driven out by Europeans as a result of their not keeping enough of the Word. Maybe they obeyed Leviticus 25:23 where Jahuwah said, “The land shall not be sold into perpetual ownership, for the land is Mine; you are [only] strangers and temporary residents with Me. ” and said, the land does not belong to us anyway, if you want it, you can have it and moved on.


      I have a buddy named Jeff here that has also arrived at the same pronunciations for the Father and the Son’s Names. He was meditating on their names and was given a revelation. He says that the reason the Father’s name is three syllables is because it represents the One described in Revelation 4:8 as, “…Jahuwah the Mighty Creator, Who was and Who is and Who is to come.” He says that he was shown that Jah represents the One who was; oo represents the One Who is; and wah represents the One Who is to come. He was also shown that when you say it slow and drawn out you can hear the wind; Jahooooooowah. As you know from John 3:8, everyone that is born of the Spirit is like that wind. Someone else pointed that the aspect of the breath of life is in Jahuwah’s name; if you say it slow and breathy you can hear that breath in it.     


      This was supposed to be about why I use a “j” when spelling Jahuwah’s name. It looks like I have gotten a little carried away. One more thing; in Malachi 3:16-18, my own amplified version, it is written, “Then those conspicuously devoted to Jahuwah spoke kindly one to another; and Jahuwah pricked up His ears and listened with attention and interest to them, and a memorial was written before Him of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared Jahuwah and who regarded with respect, ascertained by computation, made an estimate of, attempted to discern the deliberate purpose of, produced or contrived His Name previously unknown by the use of ingenuity or imagination; attempting to make up, fabricate, think out and make a judgment about His name. And they shall be Mine, says Jahuwah commander of the angel armies, in that day when I publicly recognize and openly declare them to be My peculiar treasure. And I will take pity and have compassion on them, as a man takes pity and has compassion on his own son who labors and works for him. Then shall you return and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him who labors and works for the Mighty Creator and him who does not labor and work for Him.” Since I have joined the group that is attempting to compute, think out, contrive and fabricate Jahuwah’s Name I to have begun to discern between the righteous and the wicked and who labors, works for and serves Him and who does not. It makes for an interesting perspective.


      I hope this is a blessing to you. Bear

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      Thought you might want to see this doc.

      Pass it on if you wish.

      [1] Is this what they did at Jericho ?

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