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Re: [tips_and_tricks] NOT all court rules are constitutional.

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Sometimes some people want to lawfully exercise privilege. Sometimes some of them forget that to exercise a privilege usually involves the prior waiving
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 29, 2006
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      On Jul 12, 2006, at 6:04 AM, Don Schwarz wrote:

      > Court rules, like all laws, are just "support systems"
      > so people can lawfully exercise their rights.

      Sometimes some people want to lawfully exercise privilege. Sometimes
      some of them forget that to exercise a privilege usually involves the
      prior waiving of a right, done in order to secure the privilege. So
      that the waiver can be referred to later, just in case the person
      reneges on his contract, the waiver is made on paper with the signature
      of the person making the waiver. The paper doesn't always use the
      word, "waiver", just as one can describe a tuna without using the word
      "fish". Some people just need the word "fish" used to describe "tuna"
      to them, and that is their particular misfortune.

      > Take away the court rules and laws  and our rights
      > still exist.

      ...as long as we haven't waived them. If we have, some proof of it
      ought to be able to be produced, like our signature on a paper, like a
      license application, tax form, or letter to "our" senator (not mine).

      > People get confused over this.

      People have been getting more and more confused about more and more
      topics ever since the 1970's if you ask me. I think we are entering a
      new "Dark Ages" where real knowledge will be denied one class and
      guarded jealously by another. The "New Internet" will help that

      > Rights are without end; laws and court rules come and go.

      Life is with end. Sometimes, to prolong life (or merely convenience
      and expedience!), rights are waived. For those unwilling to waive any
      right for any cause or reason, today is a good day to die!

      > Court rules and ALL LAWS are not "certified" to be constitutional!

      ...until you, in a process called "tacit procuration", judge them to be
      constitutional by way of your failure to make a timely objection to
      their imposition in your affairs. Surely ANY person aware of their
      rights would not remain silent whenever a right is being offended,
      would they? To be aware of rights, one first has to CARE about rights.
      Take a poll at your local high school and report back!

      > Ask the clerk to "certify" the court rules are constitutional.

      Bad mistake! Doing so implies that you need the clerk to do what you
      cannot do for yourself. It also empowers the person acting as clerk.
      Have you determined that that person is fully qualified to represent
      the office of clerk to YOU? Asking the clerk to certify anything is an
      admission from you regarding their status. It's tough to be
      responsible, isn't it? I haven't found any neighbor of mine qualified
      to act as clerk for me, but I don't interfere in the charades my
      socialist-communist-fascist neighbors like to play in the vacant state
      offices of California, anymore than one would interfere in the morning
      target practice of the former KGB officers the week after the fall of
      the Soviet Union.

      > Ask a cop to "certify" that their actions are constitutional.

      And thereby confirm his claimed special status?! When we know the
      constitution was trashed by Lincoln??!

      Who is doing it and where is anything being done in the name of the
      constitutions, either state or federal?! People, I called the game
      over two years ago, and I was slow! If all Americans lived in Berlin,
      Germany today, many would still be making plans for crossing The Wall!

      Rights existed before constitutions! And they exist in the vacuum of
      no constitutions.

      > Get ready for overwhelming silence.........................

      I'm used to it!


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