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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: State vs. People

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... Amount of what? ... They wish. ... Even though no money to pay it was created. So, somebody has to lose! Guess who? Holders and acceptors (facilitators)
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 29, 2006
      On Jul 28, 2006, at 11:06 AM, mn_chicago wrote:

      > The Fed loaned whatever amount this gov't wanted to borrow,

      Amount of what?

      > Hence the transfer of all gold out of this country and into the hands
      > of international bankers.

      They wish.

      > The gov't also had the privilege
      > of paying interest on the money it borrowed.

      Even though no money to pay it was created. So, somebody has to lose!
      Guess who?

      Holders and acceptors (facilitators) of FRNs!

      > All the gold gone, this country went belly-up, legally, around
      > 1933, when FDR declared us BK

      I like Burger King. They have a good new bacon cheeseburger.

      > The 14th Amendment, ostensibly passed to allow Negroes
      > citizenship, actually enslaved all Americans, by presumtion
      > through contracts, to become citizens of the fictional
      > corporate "United States."

      Read it again. It specifies two conditions as requirements for a
      certain status, but it did not presume to automatically deem all people
      had met the requirements. If all were presumed to automatically meet
      the requirements, then there would be no need to list the requirements,
      would there? Again, redundancies are to be avoided.

      If "all" Americans are slaves today (I'm sure a remnant of the Free
      would argue with you!), it's because they voluntarily met the two
      requirements. One or the other would not suffice. One MUST APPLY for
      the new status, and prove they did, to "benefit".

      > That "US" is the one Congress
      > created via Article 1, Section 8, cl 17, and over which it has
      > plenary power to do whatever it wants. There are no
      > Constitutional rights given to citizens of the "United States,"
      > only privileges.

      There you go! So you should know that rights are unalienable and can
      only be waived by the holder themself, and not by another. I cannot
      waive your rights for you, nor you for me. And congress has no
      authority to waive anyone's rights either. Or abrogate them. Rights
      are waived by the one waiving them when they are waived. Rights once
      waived are very hard to recover. That's why I fight for each and every
      one, at the earliest opportunity to do so, not after waiving them
      proves to be uncomfortable.

      > Then, in 1938, the Supreme Court said in "Erie RR Co v Tompkins"
      > 304 US 64, that there would be no more Constitional issues, and
      > Public Law was to be replaced with Public Policy.

      Is that what you get out of it? Can you provide a citation that says
      just that, or is that a conclusion?

      I thought it said that there was no general federal common law
      operating in the states.

      But either way, does it make sense that a constitution can be amended
      out of relevence with a court decision? From where does this court get
      this authority?

      > Also, the War Powers Act signed by FDR, active traitor that he
      > was, suspended the Constitution.

      Oh? When did the nation get back on a constitutional standard after
      the War of Northern Aggression? I must have missed those nitty-gritty

      > This country has been under
      > Emergency War Powers ever since, by each successive president
      > continuing their Emergency powers.

      Actually, Lincoln's "General Order 100" was the first executive order,
      and the end of constitutional government here. As you will see when
      reading it, constitutions were to be subsequently regarded as being
      "advisory in nature" but not mandatory upon the conquering commander.

      > Ever wonder why Bush does
      > so many things without consulting congress?

      Because James Baker said that people like him were above the law? How
      about when Congress goes along with Boosh breaking the law(s)? Google
      "Wanta Plan".

      > Now, what contracts took away your Constitutional Rights?
      > Several. The Birth Certificate makes every person born
      > chattel for the public debt owed to the IMF/UN, collected
      > by the non-governmental agency called the IRS via taxes.

      Voided by the 13th amendment. Parents are not permitted to sell their
      children into slavery. Even General Order 100 has a remedy for that.

      > Your SSN is another binding contract that inextricably ties
      > you to the corporate "United States" and makes you a "citizen"
      > thereof.

      Don't apply for it, and reject it when you are 18 if they got one for

      > A bank signature card is not just so the bank can compare
      > your signature, rather, it is a contract that binds you to
      > every rule/regulation of the Treasury because each bank is
      > an agency of the Treasury, and you just volunteered to sign
      > on.

      Why work for paper promises that cannot be kept? There is more than
      enough silver and gold to be used by those who want to use them.

      > Driver's license, library card, voter registration etc, etc.

      I don't have any of those.

      > Everything you signed up for ties you, by contract, to the
      > corporate fiction, "United States." Also, your use of federal
      > Rerserve Notes is evidence that you are enjoying a privilege
      > courtesy of the gov't.

      Some people think they are forced to use them, even though all
      published statistics show that only 3-5% of what Americans call
      "dollars" are in the form of FRNs. Is the brainwashing so good that
      people can be convinced that there's no way to avoid the use of 3-5% of
      something?? Apparently it is.

      > Like I said, this is the short version.
      > How to extract yourself?
      > That is an incredibly lengthy process, and one for which I
      > could not adequately provide the answer. You have to make a
      > Delaration of Citizendship and Domicile, as an example.
      > Record it, and send it to the various gov't agencies. You
      > have to rescind your Birth Certificate, another involed
      > process. It will take you quite some time to do the research
      > and learn about what is required of you.

      Or, you can just "go underground" and STOP USING THESE THINGS. This is
      the real problem - people just cannot seem to stop using these things,
      even though I have done so for over 25 years trying to be an example.

      Expedience and convenience are too powerful to be overcome by today's
      American's willpower.

      If you are thinking of being one of the last Free Americans, please do
      not wait for news reports of others doing the same, because it will not
      happen, just as the news never reported the Leo Wanta plan to the
      people. You have to take your freedom now. Don't wait for a
      "movement". Americans were meant to be self-governing. Start today.

      Say "NO!" to criminal impersonators taking personal advantage of the
      collapse of the American empire!
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