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Fw: Re: [tips_and_tricks] Immigration Forms - US citizen vs. Citizen of the United States of America (One of we the people)

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  • mn_chicago
    No. Your idea of what constitutes a contract and the gov t s idea are somewhat different. The biggest major difference is that at least you would act
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      No. Your idea of what constitutes a contract and the gov't's idea
      are somewhat different. The biggest major difference is that at
      least you would act honorably.

      Let's take the worst kind of gov't contract...the bank signature

      "The undersigned does hereby agree to abide by all the Rules of the

      Seems innouous enough, does it not? But wait!

      ALL the Rules? Yes, all the rules. That means you just signed on
      to abiding by all the rules of the Secretary of Treasury, an
      engrafted agreement. And yes, all of Title 26, the tax code, is a
      part of them rules.

      What did you get for consideration? Gov't benefits, such as they

      Consideration given. Valid contract. Nothing illegal here.

      You didn't have a meeting of the minds? Are you goofy?! What kind
      of contract would THAT be? (I told you you would be honorable.)

      Driver's license? You signed, willingly, knowingly, and
      intentionally. Consideration? You have privileges, and you are also
      responsible for all the fines that go with your privileges.

      Sounds valid to me. And not at all illegal.

      Voter registration card? "Sign here, please." "Sure."

      Make them prove you are a US citizen? For sure you are a citizen of
      the fictional "United States." That's citizen, with a small "c," aka
      a subject. They don't need to prove anything. You have been leaving
      your signature all over the place. Want proof?

      You think you are not defeated in these contracts? You might want to
      rethink that thought.

      And when you show up and announce yourself in court? You just agreed
      to the court's jurisdiction, yet another contract. While in court,
      and all court operate under contract law, per UCC, do not argue any
      Constitutional issues. The Bill of Rights cannot abridge any

      Don't argue how unfair it may seem. Unfairness is not a part of
      any contract, so it does not apply. A contract is a contract. The
      only things that matter are the terms of the contract. Nothing else,
      nothing else applies.

      Ask Irwin Schiff. Oh, wait. He's in jail. Know why? He failed to
      undertand his contractual obligations, as explained above. He
      argued Constitutional issues, issues of unfairness. I warned you,
      they don't apply. You do not want to become a cell mate, do you?

      Prove who you are when you sign a tax form? You are signing it under
      penalty of perjury. It had better be you. That, by the way, is yet
      another contract you signed willingly, knowingly, and intentionally.


      Good idea.

      Get rid of all bank signature cards. Get rid of your driver's
      license. Don't sign any more W-4s. Stop voting.

      Of course, there are a few apparent problems with these tactics.

      You have to know how to say no.

      Send a Notice to the bank(s) rescinding your signature. Deny you
      are a party to any implied contracts in the signing. Make it in the
      form of an affidavit.

      Need to sign another form or open a new account? Cross out any
      damning agreements. Write "Without Prejudice" over your signature,
      and make it overlap in case of an "accidental erasure."

      These gov't contracts are "unconditional." When you sign "Without
      Prejudice" over your signature, you are imposing a "condition,"
      your reservation of rights. When you impose a condition on an
      unconditional contract, it becomes dead in law.

      "Without Prejudice," the UCC 1-308 remedy. Don't leave home without

      A W-4? Sign it "Without Prejudice." That'll put the brakes on the
      IRS leeches.

      Just a few thoughts.
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