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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Court Rules Federal Reserve is Privately Owned

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  • Frog Farmer
    ... There are too many unfounded assumptions there, if you ask me. I m an American, and I m not forced to rent currency from anyone, are you? If you claim to
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 30, 2006
      On Jun 26, 2006, at 6:23 AM, Don Schwarz wrote:

      > What constitutional principle is upheld by forcing the
      > American people to rent currency from a private
      > banking cartel?

      There are too many unfounded assumptions there, if you ask me. I'm an
      American, and I'm not forced to rent currency from anyone, are you? If
      you claim to be, I'm interested in WHO and HOW they are FORCING you to
      do this. Because in all my life nobody has approached me on an
      individual basis and tried to force me to do it. And I'm not
      represented currently, having decided to govern in the first person.

      Maybe some people are "forced" by the little voice in their heads. I
      think that must be it. I'm not forced by any little voice in my head;
      I take that little voice as advisory in nature, not compelling. Is
      anyone on this list capable of saying "no" to the little voice? I am.
      It is hard, but I'm learning how to do it even more now that I am
      learning to play poker.

      There are many real life examples that prove the above collection of
      unfounded conclusions to be false, but the media is not the same free
      media as it was when I was young. It is all bought and paid for with
      that credit some think all must use. Ask any teenager if she can get
      credit without applying for it. The fact is, to play with that rented
      credit, somebody somewhere has to apply and sign on the bottom line.
      If Americans do that action without knowing why or what it may
      unltimately mean in their lives, who is to blame for their decision?
      Is their decision forced? Or are they responsible for their actions?
      [Bear, I'm really sorry that my post is all these questions right after
      that new rule, but I'm keyed to asking questions - see that 4-line poem
      on my website, which was my survival cheat-sheet in court - "answer a
      question with a question!", but to avoid the appearance of a Socratic
      Teaching Episode, I'll give my own answers. I just tend to frame my
      thought in question form...] I believe that Anmericans who want to
      claim and exercise freedoms that no other people on Earth can lay claim
      to have under their form of government, should be more careful when
      merchants and bankers try to get them to waive their rights under the
      protection of the constitution's reverence for contracts. Is a mouse
      forced to go for the cheese in the trap? I know from experience that
      they are not. And humans are supposed to have free will. My poker
      mentors easily point out that just because a human knows what the right
      action is, they are not necessarily assured of taking the right action.
      And so now a majority have been "cajoled into a waiver of rights due
      to ignorance." And that cajoled majority is not "the People" referred
      to in the constitution.

      > They rent us money based upon the collateral of
      > the real property of the People.

      Property becomes property in several ways. When a man uses rented
      currency to make "purchases" then he acquires the use, but not the
      "allodial ownership" of the substance that originated in the earth. He
      merely acquires an "insurable equitable interest". This is what comes
      along with FRNs and credits, an automatic removal from the common law
      to the "equity jurisdiction." For over a quarter of a century I have
      lived without using FRNs or credits, and totally outside of the equity
      jurisdiction. I have not been forced by anyone to change my ways,
      except that most Americans find it difficult to deal with me. This is
      okay, as I do not wish to deal with most Americans. I do not respect
      them for what they allow their representatives to do in their name.
      However, there are still several forms of money available to use that
      most do understand. Gold and silver are widely familiar to people
      around the world. And rolls of quarters are there for the Americans
      who may have never wondered about Article 1, section 10 of their own

      > We could circulate our own INTEREST FREE
      > currency.

      This is the problem using the word "we", unless it means any human of
      any status on the land within the exterior boundaries of the Union.
      But if it doesn't mean a least common denominator like that term, and
      just means "Americans", many Americans no longer use Fed credit, and
      use local currencies that they issue amongst themselves.

      Waiting for a majority to come around to doing it is like waiting for a
      majority to do anything else that they are not programed or
      propagandized to do. Most people get their information from a TV now.
      Local currency people are not likely to pay advertising fees to
      popularize what they are doing. Word of mouth does that for them at no

      But here's what will happen: When the fed crashes the economy by
      withdrawing their credit from circulation, people who are used to
      living without the Fed will experience prosperity while their neighbors
      will be destitute.

      > Why isn't this done?

      As I've said, it IS done. A better question would be, "why haven't you
      heard about it?" The answer to that is that the Fed now owns and
      controls way too much property and way too many people. It controls
      the information that you are able to receive, if you are not motivated
      to search it out, and choose instead to wait for the evening news to
      frame reality for you.

      Google is going to be censored soon, but you can still enter "private
      currency" and learn about it:

      Things have to change in people's minds for the world to change. They
      will never free themselves from the fraud of central fiat banking until
      it is clear in their minds that they want to do so. I will not live
      that long, so I live as I choose to do now without waiting for a crowd
      to approve of it.

      I know that I am not engaged in a fraud while justifying it to myself
      that I was "forced". I have proven that "forced" is a lie that my
      enemies would like me to believe but that can be proven to be untrue by
      anyone with the WILL to know and the will to expend the effort to act
      on what is learned.

      And not only that, but knowing about money issues can add a lot of fun
      to court proceedings.

      Whenever you see or hear the word "dollar" you are being invited to
      make a false assumption. Do you R.S.V.P.?

      And there are many of them. Collect a set today! Have fun trading
      them with your friends and neighbors!

      And feel free to use them to defend yourself from the growing police

      It can be done, for over 25 years, at least!


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