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Fwd: Susan Mokdad is DEAD at the hands Government Officials

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  • BeFreeNow1@aol.com
    From: David mailto:davidtheherald@a-znet.com One of the greatest Patriots in America has now died http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495;article=37609
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2003
    • warren nelson
      I am saddened by this news and our prayers go out to her family and those close to her. May the government pay for her murder. I never met her face to face but
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 18, 2003
        I am saddened by this news and our prayers go out to
        her family and those close to her. May the government
        pay for her murder. I never met her face to face but
        as part of the court system setup by her, Emilio and
        others, I knew her and have made contact with her
        often, prior to their kidnapping and unlawful
        detention. Our hearts go our to her. I just wish more
        Americans, had some back bone.


        Warren Nelson
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        > Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 11:56:04 EST
        > Subject: Susan Mokdad is DEAD at the hands
        > Government Officials
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        > From: David mailto:davidtheherald@...
        > One of the greatest Patriots in America has now died
        > Mon Feb 17 12:18:33 2003
        > Greetings Folks:
        > This letter is not good news. Susan Mokdad is DEAD.
        > Susan died February 14,
        > 2003 as a result a cardiac arrest caused by blood
        > clots. The prison was
        > neglecting Susan's medical needs. First, she was
        > removed from the hospital
        > too soon after brain surgery. Then, prison staff
        > denied her access to a
        > doctor for days. I have repeatedly stated the
        > government had no intention of
        > allowing Susan to ever be released. One of the
        > greatest Patriots in America
        > has now died at the hands of her captors. More
        > innocent blood has been spilt.
        > Gentlemen, how long shall we stand here and wait?
        > The numbers grow daily and
        > how will be next?
        > Susan was taken a Prisoner of War in March 1995. She
        > and fellow Defendants
        > were denied all due process, arrested on bogus
        > charges, held in prison
        > without bail or bond for two years before being
        > brought to trail. They were
        > forced to take Public Pretender (except Toby Brown)
        > and were not allowed to
        > entire any thing in their own defense (gage order).
        > Emilio Epolito, Susan's
        > dad, was not even allowed in the courtroom. He was
        > chained in a little room
        > and watched his own life pass before him on a
        > television screen. Emilio is 80
        > years old and will also die in prison for crimes he
        > did not commit. Lt.
        > Colonel Larry-Mikel: Myers [my partner and best
        > friend], in this fiasco, was
        > never severed, arrested or ever present, but the
        > court appointed him a Public
        > Pretender and tried Larry in absente reo. The jury
        > never saw the man they
        > convicted. If the government ever finds Larry they
        > will kill him. Larry, a
        > Biologist, was squeeky clean at 49, he had never
        > been fingerprinted or
        > mugshot; he had never had a traffic ticket. Larry
        > and Emilio were two of the
        > first Judges of the Common Law Court. Marty Franz
        > died in Prison of cancer
        > while awaiting trial. Marty was denied medical
        > attention, as well. Phillip
        > Marsh died in Prison. The government took Susan's
        > house, a piece of property
        > worth over $150,000. Her parents lost their house as
        > well, piece of property
        > worth over $270,000; and well over two million
        > dollars in rental properties.
        > Susan's elderly mother has been forced in old wood
        > frame house with a tin
        > roof; she also had to seek employment in order to
        > survive. The government has
        > basically left her to die.
        > Susan is the co-founder of Pro Se Litigates of
        > Tampa, Pro Se Litigates of
        > Florida, Pro Se Litigates of America and the Common
        > Law Court. Susan was the
        > first Clerk of the Common Law Court. The Common Law
        > Court is probably the
        > most hated organization in the country by the BAR
        > (British Aristocratic
        > Regency or British Accredition Registry)
        > Association. The Black Robed Devils
        > without a doubt are glade that she is gone. These
        > Devils have despised Susan
        > for years with a vengeance and have done everything
        > they could to destroy her
        > good name.
        > Susan was in her mid-forties. Susan is survived by
        > her elderly parents, Wilma
        > and Emilio Epolito and her son Scott (at least to my
        > recollections that is
        > his name) whom I believe is problem 21 or 22 years
        > old. I have not seen
        > Susan's son in nine years. Susan has left behind
        > thousands of friends and I
        > hope that they do allow her death to be in vain. I
        > would ask all you flag
        > waving Patriots that are still out there to lower
        > your flags to half-staff,
        > since a great American Hero has died. Please, make a
        > statement; let our
        > common enemies know that the whole country cares.
        > Please, leave the flags at
        > half-staff through the twenty-first. A good and
        > faithful Soldier has fallen.
        > Please, do not let her death go unnoticed. One more
        > great Patriot leader has
        > fallen; who will care the Banner? Susan's shoe will
        > be hard fill; but who
        > will carry the Banner? Do I have ten volunteers?
        > Good-bye Susan. You will surely be missed and not
        > forgotten. For those of you
        > who do not comprehend what I have said, Susan is an
        > icon and great American
        > Hero; her name will go down in the History Books.
        > What about you; will you?
        > Will anyone even remember that you existed? Please
        > circulate far and wide so
        > those who would wish to attend Susan's funeral may
        > do so. For those who wish
        > to attend the funeral please contact Carolyn for
        > arrangements. In Yah's
        > Service, Sir David-Andrew. The Herald of Manatee.
        > East Florida Republic.
        > ************* Major Paine. 7th Regiment Florida
        > state militia *************
        > Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 1:21 PM Subject:
        > Re: SUSAN
        > Susan had major brain surgery yesterday. According
        > to her "counselor," she is
        > doing well. Please send your prayers, cards and
        > letters to: Susan Mokdad Reg
        > # 19964-018, FCI Carswell, P.O.Box 27127, Unit 1
        > North, Ft. Worth, TX 76127.
        > Carolyn
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        > From: Sir David-Andrew
        > Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 4:48 AM
        > Subject: Pro Se Litigate convicted of Paper
        > Terrorism
        > Greetings Folks:
        > This story is all too familiar to most of my
        > readers. Let's see, is not this
        > the same thing that has been happening to Patriots
        > all cross America since
        > 1995. Similar cases have involved the Pro Se
        > Litigates of Tampa, then the Pro
        > Se Litigates of Florida (153), then the Common Law
        > Courts of Florida (11, one
        > died in prison before trial, 5 are still in prison
        > two will die there, one
        > just had major brain surgery two days ago - Susan
        > Mokdad), then the Freeman
        > of Montana (16, two or more are still in prison),
        > then the Ecclesiastical
        > Court of Florida (12), then Christian Jural Society
        > of Florida (15+), then
        > the Texas Republic (A dozen or more, the then Gov.
        > Shrub order the murder of
        > one their members on May 5, 1997, that is a day I
        > will never forget, I took a
        > ride to HELL.), then Pro Se Litigates of America
        > (the number of victims is
        > numerous), then the Common Law Courts of Missouri
        > (11, last known 5 are still
        > prison, Ashcroft was responsible this one),
        > Wisconsin (number known), and
        > Oklahoma (20 in prison).
        > Susan Mokdad was one of the best legal minds that I
        > have ever known. Susan is
        > the lady I spoke about Sunday Night two weeks ago on
        > the Intelligence Report
        > broadcast, which is broadcasted world wide. She
        > could draft a workable legal
        > brief in a short time without ever cracking a book.
        > She was a brillent women;
        > but it appears the government is making sure she
        > doesn't give any more
        > trouble. Isn't this what they did in Nasi Germany?
        > Is that what they tried to
        > do to me? Please pray for Susan and all the other
        > poor soles who are being
        > tortured. And, may Yah forgive not their captors for
        > they know what they do.
        > Folks, we are on a collision course with these
        > demons and it appears that
        > there is no other choice then to take them head-on,
        > for they lsiten not to
        > reason. King Shrub, Tueday night said that they were
        > go after blood and it is
        > our blood that these demons are wanting.
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