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federal reserve discussion

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  • Frank Taucher
    hi alinda thank you for your response unfortunately, it is not helpful the checks were written on a federal reserve institution it would appear to me that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2003


      hi alinda

      thank you for your response

      unfortunately, it is not helpful

      the checks were written on a federal reserve institution

      it would appear to me that the forced reissuance constitutes dishonor, is extortive, and is violative of commerce

      it further appears that such acts refute the concept of legal tender and that the checks of federal reserve institutions are to be accepted for all debts, public and private

      are you telling me that the federal reserve's guarantee is of no value and worthless

      for if you are not willing to enforce your guarantee, how might i arrive at any other conclusion

      and if you are not willing to enforce my tenders, then why should i accept any federal reserve instrument, knowing that the guarantee backing the instrument is not enforced (as opposed to unenforceable)

      and if others find out that i have refused federal reserve instruments, as mine have been refused, how long will it be before those whose instruments i refuse begin to also refuse federal reserve instruments

      i would draw your attention to the 7 years war and the paper money issued by such colonies as massachusettes and connecticut, or the continental dollar at the time of the revolutionary war, or the experience with the mark in germany after world war i

      if the federal reserve's paper is not to be honored, how is it different than the paper in the instances i have cited

      the uniform commercial code states, in 3-603(b) that debt is discharged when a tendered payment is refused

      such is adopted in oklahoma at 12 OS 3-603(b)

      why does this purported "rule of law" not apply in my instance

      what specific regulations did you review in making your determination

      if you have no authority over the refusal of tendered payment, do you not have a duty to refer this matter to other appropriate authorities who do have such authority

      finally, as i am a writer, does the federal reserve have any opposition to me warning fellow countrymen that the federal reserve does not intend to honor its guarantee that tender of federal reserve instruments discharges public and private debts

      by not enforcing said guarantee, am i and my instruments not being dishonored not only by the landlord, but also by the federal reserve itself

      for instance, in the commercial code, the concept of good faith is discussed

      i have compiled the essence of the requirement at the end of this reply and also attached in a word file should transmission mess up the post

      is the federal reserve acting in good faith by publicly publishing its acceptance requirement, yet then dishonoring infringements of when violations of such requirements occur

      having had the federal reserve's dishonor brought to your attention, does the federal reserve have a duty to correct its determination and uphold its tender guarantee

      does the federal reserve have a duty to protect the honor of its instruments

      does the federal reserve have a duty to prevent further injury to me

      have i not just again noticed the federal reserve of its duty

      i anticipate your reply along with the enforcement, corrective and preventive action the federal reserve intends

      i reserve all rights and claims at all times and waive no rights or claims at any time, including, but not limited to, the right of a hearing in tulsa, oklahoma regarding this matter

      most sincerely,

      Frank Anthony Taucher

      Good Faith

      (emphasis added)



      Oklahoma Statutes Citationized
        Title 12A. Commercial Code
          Article 1
              Section 1-203 - Obligation of Good Faith.
      Cite as: O.S. §, __ __

      Every contract or duty within this act imposes an obligation of good faith in its performance or enforcement.


       Oklahoma Code Comment

      This section is the "heart" of the Commercial Code. There is no comparable previous Oklahoma statute, nor any Oklahoma decision precisely spelling out the requirement of good faith.

      Oklahoma Statutes Citationized
        Title 12A. Commercial Code
          Article 1
              Section 1-201 - General Definitions.
      Cite as: O.S. §, __ __

      Subject to additional definitions contained in the subsequent articles of the Uniform Commercial Code which are applicable to specific articles or parts thereof, and unless the context otherwise requires, in the Uniform Commercial Code:


      (19) "Good faith" means honesty in fact in the conduct or transaction concerned.


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      Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 03:05 PM
      To: Frank Taucher
      Subject: Re: question

      Dear Mr. Taucher:

      Thank you for your e-mail.  The Federal Reserve Bank is the regulatory
      agency for state chartered banks that are members of the Federal Reserve
      System.  Thus, we have no supervisory authority over your landlord and
      cannot investigate the legality of your landlord's actions.  We have also
      determined that none of the federal consumer protection regulations that we
      implement contain provisions relating to your problem.

      I would suggest that you contact your area Better Business Bureau
      (http://lookup.bbb.org/) to file a complaint and to get additional
      information on your options.  Or, you may file a formal complaint with the
      Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  Although that agency does not investigate
      individual complaints, it will make a record of the complaint to build a
      file on the landlord.  Your may file a complaint with the FTC online at:

      If you continue to have problems with your landlord, you should consult
      legal counsel.

      I hope that this is helpful.

      Alinda Murphy
      Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

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      i'm involved with a landlord who is refusing my tendered checks because i'm
      writing that disputed amounts exist on the face of the checks and is
      me to write a second check without returning the first

      what can i do

      tnx in advance


      Frank Anthony Taucher
      Suite 174
      7122 South Sheridan Road
      Tulsa, Oklahoma

      918-493-3892 (fax)

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