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Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: HELP!!! debt collectors violating my rights

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  • Lewis Mohr
    This may help: If the debt is unsecured and credit was provided by a third party, the landmark case that credit is a gift is I think Byrd v. first national
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 30, 2003
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      This may help:  If the debt is unsecured and credit was provided by a third party, the landmark case that credit is a gift is I think "Byrd v. first national city bank, in El Passo about 1999 or 2000.  I need the specific cite so if you find it please send it to me.  I had the case in my possession a couple of years ago but misplaced it.  Good luck.  Also I got some other stuff but I got to run go see a client.  email me direct at lewismohr@....  Lewis  -o-

       "John <genman_2000@...>" <genman_2000@...> wrote:

      If you have been denied discovery then motion for dismissal. 
      Discovery is part of your due process and there is a court rule that
      allows a dismissal when it has not been provided.  Im at work now and
      do not have access to the court rules but you could find it.  Also if
      the court has denied discovery that is an appealable issue.  Any
      decision that is final can be appealed.  You do not have to wait till
      the end of the case to appeal.  It is called an interlockatory
      appeal.  It would be based on the violation of your rights and the
      judge issuing a manafestly unjust decision.  Also before you try to
      appeal anything you should ask the local judge to reconsider his
      decision for the above reasons.  If you fail to do that the appellate
      court will pitch you.  What the judge is doing is seeing if you know
      any procedure.  You will have to get up to speed on affidavits and
      how they work as the record of the court.  You need to get an
      affidavit in - an unrebutted affidavit stands as the record of the
      court.  If you dont know much procedure you better get hold of
      somebody who does.  Also a good case to remember if you do not have a
      lawyer is Hains v. Kerner. It says that a pro se litigitant is not
      held to the same standards as a lawyer.  It will help you all the
      way. Hope this helps.

      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "txsailorboy"
      <txsailorboy@c...> wrote:
      > Tomorrow  I  go to court.
      > Can  anyone cite  a  Texas  case  or    a   U.S. 5th  circuit  or 
      Supreme court  case  that parallels  HOLCOMB v.WYCKOFF   --where  a 
      collector  is  not  entitled  to  collect on  a  debt  more  than 
      what  he  paid  for  it?  Thanks
      > Maybe  just  in  time.  I  have  a  cc  issue  in  court 
      tomorrow.  They  never  answered  discovery.  I  wanted  the 
      tansaction  ledger  that  would  show  where  they  put  money  from 
      their  account  into  mine  to pay  the merchants.  Of  course  they 
      couldn't  do  this.  Then i  asked  for  a  certifed  verifiable 
      contract  between  me  and the  collector---the  CC's  charged  it 
      off  two  years  ago.  They  only  sent copies  of  an  application 
      with  my  purported  signature.   This  is the  2nd  collector.  The 
      first  filed  motion  to substitute  counsel--so  don't  know  if 
      it&nb sp; was  sold  or  assigned  or  what.-- Again  discovery  has 
      been  denied in  favor  of a  summary  judgement  via  summissions. 
      I  understand  the  void judgement  concept--so  far  the only 
      thing  close  to  a  1st  hand  credible  witness  against  me  is  a
      copy of  an  affidavit  of  an  officer  of  the  company that  is 
      merely  conclusory.  He  has no  1st  hand  knowledge  of  the 
      accounting.   Tips?

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