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Re [WW011@aol.com]: Warrants

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  • Geoffrey ''Badger'' Gould
    WW011@aol.com wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
      WW011@... wrote:
      << FTA = Failure To Appear Complaint
      The Warrant as I understand it was not (modified as it usually is by the sheriffs office) as they usually are by procedure. I found no such complaint by the DA for this FTA nor was their any actual warrant with an actual judges signature in my file. I always thought a judge has to sign off on Any warrant. Jurisdiction of the court to hear this VC 23109 (c) matter was fought by me all through the 8 or 9 appearances by me and at #9, the judge entered a not guilty plea 'for me.' I believe this is a violation in it self! >>

      Only the Accused and counsel for the Accused can speak for the Accused.
      A judge "entering" a plea "for" the Accused declares on the record that the "judge" has declared the Accused to be incompetent, and/or the judge has openly volunteered to be[come] counsel for the Accused...

      A since-deceased friend back east had a judge so enter a false plea, to which my friend thanked him for volunteered to act as counsel, then asked at what date/time should they meet to discuss defense strategies (all right in the court). The judge blanched, stated the court would send a notice as to the next court appearance date... which never ever was sent...

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