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Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!! This is your fair warning!

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  • Legalbear
    Dear Tips & Tricks Group: This is your moderator speaking. I realize this is just a Yahoo Group and that if your post does not make it to the group it is not
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2006

      Dear Tips & Tricks Group:


      This is your moderator speaking. I realize this is just a Yahoo Group and that if your post does not make it to the group it is not the end of the world.


      I have a predicament. As has been demonstrated in the past, if the group has gone un-moderated all kinds of craziness, strife/flames, and off point posts/spam come into the group making it no fun and results ultimately in the group losing members. That makes changing the group to un-moderated an unattractive option.  


      There are two group rule violations that are needlessly making me crazy and taking up a lot of my time. As the group has grown larger the problem has increased in magnitude necessitating what follows. Those problems are:


      1.    Group members replying to Tips & Tricks posts and leaving prior group posts (usually this portion has the carrots next to it), exceeding the length of their reply hanging off the end of their reply/email.

      2.   Group members using the group to forward email to only one group member that can answer/reply to the email.


      In the past, I have returned these emails for correction. Then, a new problem arises; people responding to the rejection email because they will not take the time to understand what I am saying. Usually, this is worst on point 2 above. If I reject 3-4 posts for correction and compliance with group rules, it is an easy prediction that I will receive 3-4 emails back in my inbox replying to the rejection.


      MY SOLUTION: Part of what is time consuming is copying and pasting the specifics as to why the email is rejected. I have noticed that some group members pay no heed to the specifics for the rejection and continue to disregard the group rules in new posts. So, to discourage rule violations such as points 1 & 2 above, as of this posting forward I WILL SIMPLY DELETE THE POST. I will leave it on you to re-read group rules. You get to figure out why your post never made it to the group. I have it set up now that group rules are sent out every thirty days automatically.


      If you have a problem remembering to deal with point 1, I suggest that to post to the group that you start with a brand new email, put in the same subject line, and then copy over the portion of the group post you are replying to.


      Usually, violators of point 2 can’t find an email address for the single group member they need to email. Here is a suggestion, if you use a preview screen (where your emails are displayed on the left and when you highlight the email it shows you the email on the right), look at the top of the message you are reading. You should see something that pertains to Yahoo and to the right of that is the senders email address. Double click on that and a box will open that you can copy the senders email address out of and paste into the "To" line of your reply email.


      I apologize in advance, for deleting your future posts that are not in conformity with group rules. J Bear   




      PHONE #s: 970-330-3883/720-203-5142 c. 

      For mailing:  Excellence Unlimited, 2830 27th St. Ln. #B115,  Greeley , CO   80634  



      To subscribe to Tips & Tricks for court send an email to:


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