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FREE: Talk on beating the Franchise Tax Board of CA

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  • Legalbear
    From: ROBERT CLARKSON [mailto:clarksonrobt@sbcglobal.net] Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 11:15 AM To: Paul Ballmer Subject: Paul Ballmer to speak on FTB and
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      From: ROBERT CLARKSON [mailto:clarksonrobt@...]
      : Wednesday, April 12, 2006 11:15 AM
      To: Paul Ballmer
      Subject: Paul Ballmer to speak on FTB and beating them

      Paul Ballmer <alpinemarketing@...> wrote:

      Please Forward

      Fighting Back

      against the FTB 



      Learn the secrets and deception of the FTB.  Learn why the FTB doesn=t follow the law.  Learn why so many people have sought answers and redress of grievances, only to be ignored, and have their assets Astolen@ under color of the law?

      Find out how the FTB:     $       Misleads you.

      $                   Keeps you from the truth.

      $                   Hides their many Adirty@ secrets.

      $                   Can be beaten.

      Find out how you can take back your Freedom.


      Saturday, April 15,  2006

      Thousand Oaks Inn, 75 W. Thousand Oaks Bl., Thousand Oaks . CA ;   101 Fwy. to Moorpark exit, east 1/4 mile to

      T. O. Bl., north 1/4 mile.                       805-497-3701


      Paul Ballmer, began studying the FTB=s law violations in 1993. He beat the FTB in 2001, winning $250,000 in damages plus $87,000 in legal fees.  He continued his assault by filing 5 lawsuits with 15 plaintiffs in Dec. 2002. He will explain how the Information Practices Act, Civil Code ' 1798 et seq.* (IPA) is critical to enforcing  the Revenue and Taxation Code, and how the FTB hides critical information from both you and their own employees.  Most people have never heard of the IPA, and the FTB=s policy is to keep it that way.  That's why people are unsuccessful in pursuing answers or redress of  grievances from the FTB. 


      Ballmer will discuss the status of the 2 remaining lawsuits and the upcoming trials.  He will also discuss the published appellate decision which effects everyone.    He will discuss what to expect next, how you can soften or negate the FTB=s attack, and how you can take back your Freedom! 


      9 am -1 pm.        Paul Ballmer on the FTB.  


      No charge to attend.  Bring a friend.  $20 minimum donation per person suggested.  All Donations will go for the FTB lawsuits and to repel the FTB=s breaking of the law.   Seating is limited, so you must email the names attending to:  antolak@...  


      * It is suggested  you read the IPA before attending.  Go to Google, put in CA Codes,  Find California Code, Civil Code, Search, scroll to ''1798 to 1798.77.


      Do you know a professional writer?   Paul Ballmer is looking for a writer, preferably who has had problems with the FTB or IRS,  with a legal background, and residing  in Southern California . If you do, send an email to  alpinemarketing@...  


      PHONE #s: 970-330-3883/720-203-5142 c. 

      For mailing:  Excellence Unlimited, 2830 27th St. Ln. #B115,  Greeley , CO   80634  



      To subscribe to Tips & Tricks for court send an email to:

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