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VA Family Law Code?

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    I assume you are saying you are having problems with the paternal grandfather of one of your children and you are asking if by law..... do you have to allow
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2006
      I assume you are saying you are having problems with the paternal
      grandfather of one of your children and you are asking if
      by law.....
      do you have to allow the paternal grandfather access to your child.

      ---I have sole legal and physical custody of my daughter, so what rights do
      I have?
      Read your divorce decree.
      It typically states that you have the right to make all decisions for your
      minor child.

      ---Do I have the rights to determine whom the child will visit?
      Again, this is spelled out in the divorce decree, or supplemental Orders
      that gave you sole legal and physical custody.

      ---Does G.P. have any visitation rights?
      Not unless he has filed a motion with the court for visitation and the
      courts granted his request; this is not an automatic right and should not
      be, imo.
      Whether or not the grandparents CAN file for visitation would depend on VA
      Family Law Code.
      This has been struck down in the Supreme Court
      as Parents have the responsibility to raise their children in the manner in
      which they see fit.

      That being said, as a parent, it is our responsibility to do what is best
      for our Children. Unless your child's grandfather is a physical threat to
      the child,
      your child will fare better in this world by having as many people to love
      them as is possible.

      I have dealt with this issue and although I live in TX and the paternal
      grandparents lived in TN, every summer my daughter spent two weeks with
      They spoiled her rotten, fed her strawberry shortcake for breakfast, and
      filled her head with dreams of what a wonderful, loving, biological father
      she had.
      They took her to a church of their faith, told her that her mother was a
      sinner and would die and go to hell, and I later learned that she would get
      "re-saved" and baptized almost every summer.

      There was one rule they HAD TO ABIDE BY and that was,
      if my daughter did not want to see her father, they were not to force her

      He was allowed to visit her at their home if he chose to drive the 15 min.,
      but he chose not to.
      One year they forced the issue with her bio father and the following year,
      she did not visit them. They never did it again.

      My daughter is 27 years old now.
      Her grandparents passed away and I drove her to TN to attend her grandpa's
      She is a better person because of the love she received from her
      grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

      She isn't fat, spoiled, is not worried about where I will go when I die,
      and Learned On Her OWN that her bio father is a useless piece of
      Her biological father has no idea what a wonderful person she is and he
      missed out on her entire life because HE CHOSE to relinquish parental rights
      so he would not be required to pay $75.00 per month in child support.
      Since he relinquished his parental rights happily and voluntarily,
      no one in his entire family had a Legal Right to have any contact with my
      I did what I felt was best for Misty.
      I bit my tongue and refused to speak ill of her grandparents or her bio
      She has thanked me on more occasions than I can count.

      While I agree with some of what Steve has said,
      there is always "More to the Story",
      AND we do NOT need to know!!

      Steve, do you need to know simply to fulfill your own curiosity?

      >>>>There are many questions that need to be answered.
      Where is the father, for example?
      (obviously, not in the picture)
      How did you get sole custody?
      (Likely in a court of law)
      Are the grandparents taking you to court seeking visitation?
      (There is a lot of case law available on this topic)
      There is more to this story, and you need to tell us. <<<<

      There is more to the story, but you do NOT NEED to tell us.
      You live with your conscience and I will live with mine.<:o)

      If you would like to speak with someone in your own state,
      join familycourtreform(at)yahoogroups.com and you will be able to quickly
      locate an advocate in your local area, or contact me directly and I will
      assist you in locating someone.
      The owner lives in Virginia.

      Joanna Wright
      Hope4KidZ, Inc.
      21175 Tomball Parkway #120
      Houston, Texas 77070
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