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Fw: Needed IRS Help

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  • Yannis Mousouros
    This is a follow up on your comments, Scott. Pete s kind response is very much appreciated. We should all take note of this worthwhile option. Yannis ... From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2006
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      This is a follow up on your comments, Scott.
      Pete's kind response is very much appreciated.
      We should all take note of this worthwhile option.

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      Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 5:56 PM
      Subject: Re: Needed IRS Help

      > This is wrong on virtually every count. Refunds issue from Ogden just as
      > from other locations, including 18 state DORs so far. Dozens of these
      > refunds were personally vetted by one or more IRS employees, and often
      > issued only after strenuous efforts to dissuade, discourage, and deny.
      > Having an SS# in no way makes one's non-federally-connected activities
      > into anything else-- having the number has nothing to do with 'being
      > taxable'. This writer shows every sign of being a deliberate purveyor of
      > disinformation.
      > Yannis Mousouros writes:
      >> Interesting Comments
      >> What is one to do???
      >> Any thoughts on this comments?
      >> Yannis ----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott"
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      >> To: <tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com>
      >> Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 10:30 AM
      >> Subject: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Needed IRS Help
      >>> I personally believe Lost Horizons is a waste of time. Logic dictates
      >>> this belief. For example, Irwin Schiff followers filed for the past 3
      >>> years worth of money back. All received it except for those who filed in
      >>> Ogden, Utah. Returns are processed through IRS and computers and not
      >>> individually examined. Obviously, the Utah computers were more up to
      >>> date. I say this because everyone who used the Schiff system received a
      >>> letter from the IRS that the refund was made in error and that it was to
      >>> be paid back. If you look at Lost Horizons website, you will notice
      >>> that you don't see any refunds from Ogden. This is an exact repeat of
      >>> what happened to the Schiff followers. In addition, the Lost Horizons
      >>> website claims to be getting back all money paid in Social Security
      >>> taxes. Wouldn't you agree that 98% (if not more) of the filers from said
      >>> website have SS numbers? How many people with an SS# by law are not
      >>> required to pay into SS? The answer is none. Pete Hendrickson seems to
      >>> have found the same flaw in the IRS computers that Schiff did and
      >>> obviously an even bigger one with the SS refunds. The bottom line, if
      >>> you followed Cracking the Code, expect a letter from the IRS that your
      >>> refund was in error. It is the logical conclusion. --- In
      >>> tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, Michae Lee <mdlee19@...> wrote:
      >>>> If you are not working in a federally priveledged job,
      >>>> you have no federal liablility. Why not set the record
      >>>> straight? Tens of thousands are correcting the record
      >>>> and getting their money back. See
      >>>> http://www.losthorizons.com/Cracking_the_Code.htm --- katz650
      >>>> <katz650@...> wrote:
      >>>> > Let me atart by saying I know nothing when it comes
      >>>> > to the IRS and > taxes. My husband owns a small businee here in TN
      >>>> > where we reside.
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