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Eight times the Permanent Protective Order was ignored by TX Police, although it is still valid!

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    The case referred to here is one that I would have fully expected to go nation-wide. The mother had a Permanent Protective Order against a man who was arrested
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2006
      The case referred to here is one that I would have fully expected to go
      The mother had a Permanent Protective Order against a man who was arrested
      3.15 miles from her home in FL.
      He was on the run from Waxahachie TX law enforcement.

      He was not only a wife beater, but he has been charged with molesting a
      child over a period of seven years, taking pictures of himself molesting
      this child, and putting the pictures on the internet For Sale.
      He was also charged with having sex with a five year old and putting another
      child into prostitution.

      EIGHT times, the mother begged the police to enforce her valid, certified
      copy of a Permanent Protective Order from Pinellas County FL.
      EIGHT times, the police refused to accept a certified copy.
      Furthermore, the police department has said they investigated and determined
      the Protective Order was not valid!
      ---- EIGHT times, the police were wrong!
      I have a copy of it myself and the judge in Pinellas County minced no words
      when stating this man was to have no contact with mother, child, family, or
      friends and was not to attempt to interfere with the custody of the child
      from another state (which is exactly what he did)

      He is now sitting in a FL jail awaiting extradition to the state of Texas,
      charged with the above crimes against children.
      Furthermore, based on HIS statement to Child Protective Services and the
      Courts, custody of her son, a resident of the state of FL, was given to a
      family member in Texas; in direct violation of the Permanent Protective
      Order and without jurisdiction!
      DHHS in TX has investigated and ruled out abuse/neglect as was alleged
      against the mother by this creep.
      When his step daughter made sexual abuse outcries in 2003 and 2004, the case
      was "administratively closed".

      In 2006, his second wife's daughter made sexual abuse outcries and he really
      hung himself out when he put the pictures of the molestation on the internet
      for sale.

      Texas police and courts do whatever they choose?
      What happened to the UCCJEA?
      The state of Texas has refused to enforce the Permanent Protective Order
      from FL, created such a tumultuous life for this mother who was in fear for
      her life (she sensed he was looking for her and had left FL to visit friends
      shortly before he was arrested 3.15 miles from her home in FL) that she is
      now living from friend to friend. She is a paralegal and had been able to
      take excellent care of her son but Texas took her son, a FL resident, and
      gave him to a family member in TX.
      FL has never relinquished jurisdiction.

      Does anyone have the kahunas to take a stand against these Federal Felonious
      She has very little time to get the state of Texas to undo what the courts
      have already done to her and her son who were visiting Texas at the time
      this took place.



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      Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 23:24:18 -0000
      From: "txlegaleyez" <txlegaleyez@...>
      Subject: Looking for PR Packet/Media Packet & AdviCe

      I am seeking advice for finding a public relations representative or
      consultant/media rep and/or packets to put together press releases, advice
      for media on a case that deserves a vast amount of recognition... and
      honestly how to find an attorney comfortable in dealing with the media on a
      pro bono basis - this involves a seriously interesting Failure to Protect
      issue where a police department and social services case worker ignored
      children's outcries solely out of discrimination and allowed a child
      pornography/child prostitution ring to continue for **2 YEARS** where if
      they had not discriminated against this young battered woman and not
      returned the evidence MANY children would have been helped, and possibly
      never been abused at all....

      This seems to be a trend in this county. This young lady needs help, but as
      we all know, the media and public eye can backfire if there isn't careful
      consideration involved...particularly without representation.

      I appreciate any assistance. Her statute of limitations is running. This
      case is out of Texas, by the way.



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