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  • Bob law
    Dear Mr. Schwarz, Greetings, and may I say that your post shows the frustration of many, including myself in times past. However, I am sure that you are not
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2006
      Dear Mr. Schwarz,
      Greetings, and may I say that your post shows the
      frustration of many, including myself in times past.
      However, I am sure that you are not new to this
      particular problem, hense your concern, and
      statements. I am also fairly sure that you understand,
      that the opposition, has placed within these groups,
      or like groups such as you've mentioned, "agent
      provocateur's" to muddy the waters and to confuse the
      issues, so those of us who seek the truth, can't find
      it in a timely manner; and further, so that we can't
      secure for ourselves just about any form of remedy
      within the forum of their courts. So, it behooves us
      all to have a "personal" first hand knowledge of how
      the law functions, and to do our own research. The
      problem I see with forums such as this (no offense
      intended Bear), and many other groups is that people
      can't let go of tired, outdated, and patently false
      statements in law, and continue to replay issues,
      which have landed so many in jail or sanctioned into
      poverty. This causes such confusion, that the newer
      folks who seek to find remedy for an injury have to
      wade through so much garbage, that they become jaded
      by the search and give up, which is what the
      opposition desires.
      So you see, if the opposition sees someone, such as
      yourself, who raises an issue on an open forum such as
      this, and said issue may cause them problems, then
      those who are trained in fomenting controversy in such
      structures as this, do so with impunity, and the rest
      of the members of the groups see them as saviors as
      they kept someone from raising an issue, which may
      have created the very remedy they all were
      seeking.....go figure. The Word of Yah says that His
      people perish for lack of knowledge...is it any wonder
      that we are seeing this very thing happen before our
      very eyes, and still don't see it!!??
      Rather than people looking into case law, why is
      there not more discussion covering such things as
      legal theories, and understanding of the mechanics of
      court process, and such? (I say this because most
      folks have no clue of how the law functions in the
      first place.) I know some have legal research programs
      for sale and I do not diminish their desires to do so
      as people need same for their understanding. But we
      all need to all get on the same page and stop offering
      conflicting information (except for said discourse)
      and directing people to dated information which has
      not gained remedy for so many. The problem as I see it
      is the opposing party (especially the IRS) modifies
      their attack over time to overcome issues which have
      defeated them in times past. Hasn't anyone noted the
      drop in certain cases within the last couple of years,
      and the modification of the claims they now make/raise
      as plaintiff's?
      I am also sure this post will raise the hackles of
      alot of folks on this and other forums, but it needs
      said! Get a clue folks and catch up with the tactics
      of your enemy and beat them with what is...not what it
      used to be, or worse yet, what we want it to be.
      Ok, enough of my venting.....any takers care to show
      me where I am wrong? If I am, please accept my
      appologies in advance.
      Bob L.

      --- Don Schwarz <vigilespaladin@...> wrote:

      > I am troubled by the lack of discourse evidenced
      > in Internet groups.

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