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Re: [tips_and_tricks] The purpose of litigation

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  • John McGoldrick
    Could you attach the evidence to a Proposed Show Cause Order, move the court to enter the order and set a hearing so the perp can explain or be held in
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 25, 2006
      Could you attach the evidence to a Proposed Show Cause Order, move the court to enter the order and set a hearing so the perp can explain or be held in contempt? Not legal advise, just a question.  
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      Please look up the "fruit from the poisonous tree" doctrine. I think your answer lies there.

      Rotor <RotorRider@...> wrote:
      My question regarding the cite below is, are there any other cites that you know of that are specific to the main party of one side of the case being caught in a provable lie and thus tainting all of their testimony.  I ask because I've caught the code enforcement oficer of my town lying on a verified complaint that he then swore was the truth.  I want to use it against him.
       Legalbear sent:
      The purpose of litigation is to arrive at truth and to render justice. Clearly, the results here attained are devoid of truth and lacking in justice. The record before us discloses many errors other than those here assigned-- errors which might well dictate a reversal and retrial--errors which, in addition to the errors assigned, we note and discuss. Buckskin Joe's, Inc. v. Ashton, 396 P.2d 933 ( Colo. 1964). 

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