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  • pefra4@bellsouth.net
    Oct 31, 2005
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      pefra4@... strengthcoach4 over the years since 1978 i have had a running
      battle with clayton cty and later city of forest park georgia planing&zoning code
      enforcement enviromental court over the use of my property usage i have spent a lot of
      money time and worry by not being informed fully and enough education about my
      personal and property &constitutional rights but by websites like tips and tricks , freed
      omscry litigation ,and landrights.com i have obtained enough info to fight and defend my
      rights i am a bodyman and work on cars so you can imagion how much political tyrany i
      encountered i am a disabled combat viet nam veteran the 1st thing i would do is read
      www landrights.com put up a no trespassing sign which you can print off the site
      illaminate it and post it and put up a curtlige aroun d my place a fence or buffer and read
      read read this site and learn from them and others and put them to use !freedom is not
      free !if i can pass on anything i will ionly ask that you help some one else that needs it
      these sites have been a gift for me e mail me after you read wwwlandrights.com may you
      be sucessfull in your undertakings frank

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      >I purchased a house a year and a half ago to soon find out that
      > there were code enforcement liens on it. Thank you title
      > insurance. Problems fixed etc.
      > In the nice town I live, someone called code enforcement because
      > tree limbs were out for the trash guy to pick up and before you
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