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  • pefra4@bellsouth.net
    Oct 31, 2005
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      did me tips and tricks has also helped me it will if you put it to us !read and learn until it
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      political tyrany frank


      I purchased a house a year and a half ago to soon find out that there were code
      enforcement liens on it. Thank you title insurance. Problems fixed etc.

      In the nice town I live, someone called code enforcement because tree limbs were out
      for the trash guy to pick up and before you know it there are code violations for things
      that are not violations (trust me on this).

      The guy in charge was the same guy I had a problem with last time. Its his vendetta and
      pardon my french, his wet dream to try to bring the property down (a property I put 80k
      into to fix it up...night and day).

      I want to put him in his place and knowing what we as a group know; are aware of
      commercial remedies to do so.

      What advice might someone have to do so? So even if I do put a commercial lien on
      him...then what? So what? A lien....

      Anyone have any ideas on what to do with the lien (where to sell it) or other ideas?

      One can speak of a land patent and alloidial title but who has really done this
      successfully? and been able to enforce it?

      Thank you for any feedback or suggestions.
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