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9219How many miles per gallon?

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  • william moore
    Sep 9 6:51 PM
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      Hello Everyone!!!

      Below is some information that my friend Fred sent me and I'm sending it to you because it's important and especially now.

      Maybe we will get this information to someone who can and will do something with it soon.




      From: Frederick-Earl

      Subject: How many miles per gallon?

      Dear Friends,
      I just received this link that I hope you'll take the time to look at. It's a very succinct layout of one of the bigger frauds that has been perpetrated on the world (everyone of us!). Please think about all of the people who have participated in making it possible to keep us in a state of ignorance about a simple and fundamental fact: gasoline can only be burned as a vapor. Period.
      Any and every professor in every university physics department either knows this or should be fired. Do you pay them to keep secrets, or to reveal truth?
      Are your favorite environmental organizations interested? If not, what are their interests?
      If virtually every war of the past hundred years has been about oil, will this be of interest to peace activists?
      What about those you think "represent" you in "governmental" positions?
      Once you've read enough of this information to clearly understand it, will you tell anyone (everyone?) you know?
      I put your name on my list of "Friends" because each one of you is a good soul whom I consider to be a blessing in my life. I'm betting that each of you will think of at least one (if not a dozen) people (aside from your dear friends) that you will want to Notice about this. Do what you can and please share your ideas with me and others.
      This isn't "pie in the sky" stuff, it's already been done! Why aren't we all doing it now?
      Here's the link:


      Bless us all with your concern and action!

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