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  • Don Schwarz
    Jul 27 4:52 AM
      If Congress has not authorized an entity to ask for your
      Social Security number, then 42/408 informs the citizen
      they don't have to surrender the number.

      Stoughton police officers falsely arrested me in Feb. 2000
      and had me chained to a handrail while standing on a cement floor
      and demanded my Social Security number for the arrest report, even
      though under Mass. law, there is no authorization for the police to
      ask for that number.

      The FBI is investigating.

      All false charges against me were dismissed, but I still
      have a false arrest record.

      At 08:02 PM 7/26/05 -0400, you wrote:
      >I think you read into 42 USC 408m something that isn't there. You said,
      > "When the guy at his desk asked for my SSN, I simply said, "Well... it's
      > a felony to *require* it, so I'd prefer not to divulge it."
      >This isn't exactly what 42 USC 408 says. Section 408 (a)(8) says,
      >" (8) discloses, uses, or compels the disclosure of the social
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