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8997Re [jim/gary]: congratulations and a question

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  • Geoffrey ''Badger'' Gould
    Jul 26, 2005
      Martin Greer nrtmarty@... had written:
      << easiest and fastest thing to do is open a savings account with this bank and then deposit the check into the savings account. You may have to wait a few days for the check to clear but if the issuing CO. has its account there and the check is written on this account you may be able to make your withdrawal within minutes. There is no charge for a savings account and in fact you will earn a little interest for the deposited money. >>
      To which lookin2c@... Jim replied:
      << Nice suggestion... Not practical however as it now requires the submission of a social security account number or the account will never be opened! On top of that, when the check is deposited, unless signed otherwise, it becomes evidence of "income"... and will be given to the IRS upon their asking!
      Unless perhaps you are Brad Barnhill! >>

      Actually, my bank accoiunt has no SSN attached to it.
      It was at first done a "long way," but could most likely still be done.
      In Arizona they are far more open to obeying the law, certainly more than in California.
      A few years ago my then-girlfriend opened for me a non-interest bearing checking account in Arizona.
      Eventually we went out there and we went in to add my name on the account so It'd Be There.
      When the guy at his desk asked for my SSN, I simply said, "Well... it's a felony to *require* it, so I'd prefer not to divulge it."
      My girlfriend was already sucking in her breath, expecting the problems to erupt.
      But the bank guy just hit TAB and moved to the next field.
      (I did notice he was also spelling my name correctly (initial caps), and when he tabbed to the next entry field the *computer* changed it to ALL CAPS.)
      A month or two later, I dropped by my local (California) branch, and they didn't give a tinker's cuss about title 42 § 408(a)(8) (declaring it a felony to Require the divulgance of an SSN), so I stuck with the Arizona account. No and then as I made (always cash) deposits, the teller would suddenly slow and the eyes would glaze over.
      Sure enough, their screen said something like "Invalid SSN" or whatever; they'd get a supervisor to glance at it and it'd be fine and they continue on.
      After a few months, my girlfriend and I went back to Arizona and took her name off the account, leaving only my name.
      Before heading out, we were at first led to believe we'd have to completely close the account and start a new account fresh, but with the same guy, we just filled out some forms that she was agreeing to be taking off the account, leaving Just Me.
      Same thing about the SSN, but this time I just said, "I'd prefer not to dilvuge that."
      And again he just tabbed on, making sure the information was still up to date.

      So at least Arizona banks are (or may be) open to still obeying the law.

      I use a check cashing service called NIX, several of which are in Los Angeles, the Valley, etc. They charge soemthing like 1% of the check amount plus about .75¢ (and using such leaves no paper trail). I also use NIX for money orders for bills (and through them I get my monthly MTA bus pass). A small deal when y'take into account the IRS has no problem contacting hirers and asking them to provide them with bank account numbers to which paychecks may have been cashed and/or deposited....

      Gary Cummings chanse117@... wrote (Re: congratulations and a question):
      << The banks I have spoken to would rather go to court than open a non-interest bearing checking account with no ssn. I wouldn't mind taking them there, but I have no expertise in the matter and wouldn't want to blow it with some naive mis-step. The best advice I've gotten is "find a lawyer and sue them". Yeah, right. >>

      I know one can sue for $10,000 but have no way of knowing the methodology involved.
      I'd love to crush California banks who break the law (even when shown the banking laws that say They Can OPen Accounts Without SSNs) and then sit back and glare at you like you're the criminal....

      < Badger >
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