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8902Re: challenging bona fides

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  • ursam0
    Jul 6, 2005
      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "The Handyman" <ebob@b...>
      > Many thanks to Baer and Frog Farmer. Let me lay out the entire
      proceeding thus far. After the accident the cop appeared,
      ... snip ...
      Now, (please don't get upset, I'm a slow learner) what do I do with
      these certified oaths? How do I challenge them at trial? Trial is
      August 30. If all fails should I participate? Marc Steven does
      participate[pate and disqualifies/impeaches the cop's testimony as
      well as show the court that there is no complaining party. Claims his
      method always works and there is no trial. Please give me three
      question to ask about the oath. I am sincerely interested and would
      like to avoid an appeal.

      You have not neglected to determine if the opportunity to bring you to
      trial is (was) time barred, have you? In particular, you should find
      some limitation imposed by statute upon the maximum length of time
      permitted to achieve arraignment after the filing of the charge. The
      only possible exception to this, I would think, is if a continuance
      has been charged to you somehow. Delays by others, officials included,
      do not stop the clock. I generally see 30 days for 'non-crimes', 60
      for misdemeanors, and 90 for felonies, but every state is different.
      I'd say that there is a fair chance that even the 'plea on your
      behalf' may not have met the statutory time requirement for validity.

      Between access to immunity and the SCt 'forgiving' cops from giving
      false testimony, it shouldn't be hard to impeach police, generally, as
      competent witnesses.

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