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8896challenging bona fides

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  • The Handyman
    Jul 6, 2005
      Many thanks to Baer and Frog Farmer.  Let me lay out the entire proceeding thus far.  After the accident the cop appeared,  investigated the accident and made the legal conclusion I was guilty of failure to yield.  To prove such they are subpoenaing the other driver to  testify at trial.  I signed the summons to appear with reservation of rights UCC-1-207. I then  rejected  their offer to contract for subject matter jurisdiction within three days by letter as Rice McCloud does.  Months went by and the sheriff finally served me to appear for an arraignment.  The arraignment was not held...it was rescheduled.  I appeared a second time and the ad hoc took control and refused to answer any questions.  Told him I had never been arraigned and he claims he arraign me by entering a plea on my behalf.  I objected and that was it.  I was subpoenaed to a motion hearing and tried to ask the judge (sic) things about his oath and the setting of the court but he got violent and said to proceed with motions.  I refused to ask him anything about motions and the hearing was concluded.  Thus far I've not been arraigned nor asked the judge to do anything.  Trial is set for August and today I got a certified copy of everyone's oath ........and they conform to what the state requires.  Now, (please don't get upset, I'm a slow learner) what do I do with these certified oaths?  How do I challenge them at trial?  Trial is August 30.  If all fails should I participate?  Marc Steven does participate[pate and disqualifies/impeaches the cop's testimony as well as show the court that there is no complaining party.  Claims his method always works and there is no trial. Please give me three question to ask about the oath.  I am sincerely interested and would like to avoid an appeal.
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