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  • jm367
    Jun 30, 2005
      I can't make out how this is private law when all the cases speak about
      adjudicating public rights created by Congress. All administrative
      process concerns publi rights. Nor is there any precedent that I know
      of for private law with criminal penalties.
      Most people step right up and use the identity provided for them by
      Congress. That identity is the CHILD registered in the Department of
      It's very simple to distinguish yourself from that identity unless you
      are trying to deny what is on paper before the court or before an agency.

      It's not a fiction of law for someone to sign and file a 1040 as you
      say. It is testimonial evidence of the facts stated. It's true if for
      no other reason than the testimony to it. Where's the fiction ? There
      is such a thing as a corporation de facto. .

      paradoxmagnus wrote:

      > m367,
      > Aren't they enforcing PRIVATE law to TAX & REGULATE you through the
      > use of ASSUMPTIONS & PRESUMPTIONS you are a JURISTIC PERSON and/or
      > involved in some COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY/PRIVILEGE?
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