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  • gary
    Apr 4, 2005
      Maybe my memory is failing me (it has been a few years since I dug into this) but as I remember it, an IMF is generated each year that a return is filed.  If no return is filed and there are W2s or 1099s, the IRS generates a substitute for return (SFR) which generates an IMF for that year.  If this is true, would I be correct in assuming that the reason they don't bother you is that they look at the last IMF and if that says you need not file then they don't ask you for a return and don't generate a SFR for the last tax year?
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      Nick --

      You said:
      "Dave, it is not a matter of what or who the Government says you are, it is the documentation that people send in about you. What is sent in about you are W-2s and 1099s. These are the specific items that say you work for a FEDERAL WAGE. These presumptions have to be rebutted and this is where to cut everything off at the knees."

      It is very much an issue of what the govt says I am.  Whatever these forms state and whatever these people claim (knowingly or unknowingly) is nothing more than hearsay unless and until I confirm them as fact by filing a Form 1040 and declaring them to be fact. 

      Various persons (corporate and otherwise) send the IRS W-2s or 1099s concerning me every year.  But the IRS never even bothers me about them, much less attempts to collect taxes from me.  What others say about me or my money has no basis in fact if my Individual Master File has me listed as a non-taxpayer not required to file returns.

      Yours in financial freedom,

      Dave Miner


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