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8077Legal Fictions

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  • MFurtado
    Apr 2, 2005
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      I believe Mr. Wilde may have meant, "It's all crap according to the criminal courts."
      If he didn't, then Carrol may have just proved him wrong. 
      But is he convinvced?
      Does it matter if he is or is not?
      Probably doesn't matter.  We often adopt the bull S__t that the government keeps parroting totally forgettigng who it is that we are deaing with.
      For some reason we keep forgetting that when the government says yes, it means no, especially if no tends to make them look bad or invalidates their twist of reality, and yes means they are to continue business as usual.
      Kind of like, "The IRS isn't a government agency..."  People react with "That's a lot of bunk, read..." this case and that decision.  But decisions by whom?  By Criminal Courts and Black Robed, self-believing prophets (spelled "profits")?
      I've read Dan Meadors evidence, and that's enough truth for me.  I can string obvious circumstantial evidence together and make my own conclusions of what is truth (like how does a agency allegedly of the Dept. of Treasury get paid by the Dept. of Agriculture?  Sounds shady to me!)  Let's face it!  Conspiracies exist in abundance in these united State of America!
      I'm a much more reliable means of truth thanis government.  The government line is obviously crap, and judges who go on and on about "This court has consistently held..." this and that, discounting the evidence that obviously exists, well, what did you expect?
      Did you expect the judge to say, "Well after reading The Law That Never Was, I'm convinced that the income tax is a bogus amendment that wasn't ratified, and Irwin Schiff is a master mind, because there IS NO LAW making any American, or anyone else for that matter, liable for, and required to pay the tax!  I find the defendant US government guilty of nearly 100 years of fraud.  I sentence them all to death for treason of the worst kind... enslaving the American People under Color of Law!  This case is now conlcuded, and every member of Congress will be taken into immediate custody... "
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      From: Carrol
      Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 10:49 AM
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      Wow - that's just like saying "Because I said so".

      If it is all a crock, why is there this provision in the
      IRM regarding the 1040 form:

      "IRM (01-30-2001)
      The Individual Master File
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