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8073child support question

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  • mikes
    Apr 2 11:38 AM
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      Dear group
      I was and still am in a custody situation On November 2002 I was gien temport visitation pending a DNA test and at that point the judge said I would be granted more time if the results showed I was infact the father. February 2003 The judge signed the order for 50.50% custody and filed her signed order and never informed eithe attorney, but because of the delays by the mother the court days kept geting delayed and while in court the judge didn't take time to review her order per my request for more time. It wasn't until December 2003 that the judge realized I had 50/50% custody all along for the last 10 months and said any arrears was cleared. My question is when I went back to adjust child support ( now owed to me ) the OPC deducted what he claims I owed based on the current time I had (32%) during February 2003 to December 2003 even though I had 50% custody all along and was never informed of that change. What argument can I raise that I should have never owed any arrears much less should have been paying.
      I would appreciate any comments on this.
      Mike California