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8063Re: [tips_and_tricks] Legal Fictions

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  • jm367@bellsouth.net
    Apr 2, 2005
      I recently posted authority which directly disputes that No corporation can exist unless there are forms filed and they must be a mater of public record. 
      Maitland in his authoritative treatise on equity says flatly that you can become a trustee wuthout knowingly entering into a trustee agreement.
      But, the simple and undeniable facts are
      1. people's births are recorded and registered in their name and behalf;  the registration of every child is an article in treaties.
      2. the federal Government distributes funds to States for the benefit of mother and child with regulatory strings attached;  these funds are to reduce infant mortality, etc. and for education; expenditures for the benefit of registered child both before and after birth; 
      3. the USC requires that States prosecute Parens Patriae actions unless they enact law to the contrary;  none have tht I know of;
      4. principles of maritime law provide for equitable liens.
      5. the public debt may not be questioned.  14th amendment
      6. U.S. citizenship is said to be a privilege;  a privilege is, as it were, a private law (maxim)
       Everything you need to see in order to understand what seems hidden or unknown is in Government records.
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