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7341Re: [tips_and_tricks] IRS loses in court

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  • hobot
    Jan 31, 2005
      I told em at my summons, in my country its illegal
      to testify aginst myself as I am inhabitant on the
      land in a county within a union state. Not a blank
      statement but the type of response to each offending
      probe that non of their beeswax. In the case of trusts,
      they better not be yours and therefore you've no connection
      to those records to have any knowledge about. Bring
      some cheap brief case or box of old magazines to
      appear as if prepared to reveal, provided they can
      ID who they are to even have authority to ask you there.
      IRS summons comes with notice that its under a District
      CT jurishdiction that its issued or enforeced under,
      go read that Ct's jurishdiction and see if you have
      entered that in anyway. Be polite just don't get tricked.


      > John Wilde wrote:
      > Yes the fifth amendment is implicated. However, you're better
      > off appearing, once you are served with the summons, and
      > invoking the fifth on a question by question basis. If you do
      > it then, the likelihood of the IRS requesting that the DOJ bring
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