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7340Part of the reason we refuse to use pagan names anymore

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  • Legalbear
    Jan 31, 2005
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      Part to the reason that we are getting additional and new understanding about the Father and Son’s true Names are in these scriptures from the J.B. Phillips translation:


      …if we were to say that we enjoyed fellowship with him and still went on living in darkness, we should be both telling and living a lie. But if we really are living in the same light in which he eternally exists, then we have true fellowship with each other,…


      When we have true fellowship with the Father and the Son in the light, they reveal their names to us.


      from 1 John 2:8-9


      And yet as I give it to you again I know that it is true - in your life as it was in his. For the darkness is beginning to lift and the true light is now shining in the world.


      The “beginning to lift” part reflects a gradualness leading up to enough light that we refuse to call the Father and Son by pagan names anymore. See how this is true “in your life?” Darkness lifting and light shining not only has to do with the times we live in, but also, our individual lives as well. Bear


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