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7055suit on the city of pell, al.

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  • Don Schwarz
    Dec 17, 2004
      File complaints with the police and copies to the local court,
      and put on them "FOR THE RECORD".

      Then get copies of the complaint from the cops, and go through
      them with a fine tooth comb, and see if the laws you have been charged
      under, have certain conditions that apply to those laws.

      The cops may not have followed the law as published.

      Any errors are in your favor.

      Get a timeline of how things happened, and all the parties involved.

      YOU MUST do this job unless you have all the money in the world
      to hire an attorney.

      At 10:51 PM 12/16/04 +0000, you wrote:

      >i came home to find a police officer and seven neighbors in my yard.
      >claiming that some trash was poison, meant for the neighborhood
      >animals. The officer and Mr. Holloway(neighbor)(name also on report)
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