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6978Re: [tips_and_tricks] The term "revenue law"

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  • Bob law
    Nov 16, 2004
      I am not a professional, nor do I give advise, but I
      will help you to understand something here; which may,
      or may not, make things a bit clearer, and for sure
      will arouse the ire of others on this list who will I
      am sure disagree.
      You appear to be making several presumptions of facts
      not in evidence, as do others on this list, as to the
      same is concerning the nature of the Federal Courts.
      The first is that you think you have "judicial
      courts". You see, the current courts known as United
      States District Courts, are not judicial in nature,
      they are legislative (i.e. Article I Administrative
      tribunals), not judicial Courts under Article III.
      Therefore, they can hear "Tax Matters" as only the
      legislative branch of government can "lay and collect"
      taxes.(In what may appear to be happening in
      contradistinction to the separation of powers
      doctrine, it is truly within their branch
      [legislative] of governments authority.) However;
      this, in and of itself, creates a separation of powers
      controversy, as these Article I courts only have
      authority within the federal zone over such things and
      places where the Congress has exclusive legislative
      authority. Therefore, any incursion into the states of
      the Union outside the federal zone is in want of
      lawful authority as you previously stated. You were
      right, but for the wrong reasons.
      Bob L.

      --- Angela Stark <angelastark@...> wrote:

      > " In the Supreme Court case of U.S. v. Hill, 123 US
      > 681 the Supreme
      > Court said"
      > "The term `revenue law' when used in connection with
      > the jurisdiction
      > of the courts of the United States, means ´┐Ża law
      > which is "directly
      > traceable" to the power granted to Congress by 8,
      > Art. I of the
      > Constitution, `to lay and collect taxes duties,
      > imposts, and
      > excises.'"

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