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6968The term "revenue law"

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  • Angela Stark
    Nov 15, 2004
      " In the Supreme Court case of U.S. v. Hill, 123 US 681 the Supreme
      Court said"

      "The term `revenue law' when used in connection with the jurisdiction
      of the courts of the United States, means …a law which is "directly
      traceable" to the power granted to Congress by 8, Art. I of the
      Constitution, `to lay and collect taxes duties, imposts, and

      Is the income tax as now imposed and collected "directly traceable"
      to any power granted to Congress by Article 1 of Section 8 of the
      The answer to that is "No" - which means federal courts never had
      jurisdiction (on this and other grounds) to prosecute anybody in
      connection with alleged income tax crimes. Which means that all
      criminal trials over the last 50 years involving income taxes - and
      also civil lawsuits brought by the government ? HAVE ALL BEEN ILLEGAL!

      See my new page listing over 70 court decisions re the income tax
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