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6943Drinking the Hemlock, By: Al Thompson:

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  • william moore
    Nov 2, 2004
      Drinking the Hemlock, By: Al Thompson:

      To Everyone,

      For those of you who don't already know, I was released from captivity on October 28th, 2004. I was held in contempt of court for over 80 days..I haven't counted them yet. The Department of Justice refused to certify that I was an "employer" and that I am a "person" and they did not disclose the taxing statutes nor the substantive regulations. In other words, they wanted me to "merely obey the law" but they didn't want to tell me what it is.

      If it wasn't so sinister, it would be like a scene from Dumb and Dumber.

      You can read what happened at http://www.thompsonnews.blogspot.com

      I'll be posting some more thoughts on all of this in a few days.

      However, the best way to lose your case and wind up in jail on a tax issue is to do the following:

      1. Hire an attorney
      2. Plead to a code
      3. Admit to being an artificial entity (ALL CAPS)
      4. Consent, volunteer, or contract into federal jurisdiction.
      5. Argue with the idiots

      But what you can do is to pray a lot, protect your God-given rights, and reserve all of your rights. Make the Bill of Rights your first line of defense. Forget about arguing all the details...it's a worthless exercise in futility.

      I am out of jail as I stood up for the truth to the best of my ability. I had a lot of support with letters and information that confirmed a lot of what I already knew and I learned even more. Hey folks, it still comes down to "show me the law." Four years later after embarking on this journey, it still comes down to that.

      While all the code arguments may have some merit the main problem is that our people are getting PROCESSED just like a slaughter house...it is not DUE PROCESS. The men and women of America are being put on the assembly line and being processed, going to jail, and being put to work at just pennies an hour.

      Fear is the government's biggest asset and it works on most people. Once the fear is gone, then the rest will fall into place. No matter what the "government" says, it cannot and never can overcome the truth.

      Don't be ignorant any longer. Get into to the law and study for yourself. You don't need to read any more codes or regulations. Study how you can protect your rights.
      These courts are tricky and evil. The "judge" and the attorneys drip with arrogance and they think the state is God. Don't be drinking the hemlock. Protect your rights.

      Your rights can only be protected by you, don't expect an esquire to do it for you or some other professional. Get with other people and start learning for yourself how to file court papers. A good place to understand sovereignty and your rights is at

      This is going to require you to think. If you expect some kind of professional to do your thinking for you, the result will be total failure. Pray and then think for yourself.

      I'd like to thank everyone who tried to help me.

      There were many people helping either by contributing their time or their money and sometimes both. Chuck Uptergrove and Bill Moore managed to make most of this work from the outside even though the jail had interecepted my calls to Chuck so I couldn't get his help. We worked around it.

      A lot of you sent mail I didn't receive. I'm sure this was intentional as the man like me depends on these letters for moral and spiritual support. I thank all of you who wrote to me even though I may not have received the letters.

      Again, I thank all of you who tried to help and we'll see what the next fiasco involves.
      It's very hard to take any public official seriously after this experience. It is our own ignorance that enslaves us all.


      Al Thompson
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