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6845Re: Art. III courts

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  • Majic man
    Oct 9, 2004
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      [Jurisdiction is a matter of ordination by an act of Congress via a
      delegation of power by the People. For example if you are in traffic
      court, you can't argue a divorce court issue.]
      I agree here, but I would clarify the acts of Congress are from the
      specific State Legislatures conveying authority and Jurisdiction as
      expressed and limited to the Statutes of the specific (ex. traffic)

      [Wanna bet. They will move forward any controversy they want to and
      if you don't raise a jurisdictional challenge, they will continue to
      move forward under the presumption of the forum having jurisdiction
      over the matter. If you doubt it, try it and see.]
      I more fully agree here and am glad you made the distinction
      of "jurisdiction over the matter" (Very Important) because "they"
      will move fwd. nevertheless, unless you are a "belligerent claimant
      of your Rights". Using your example of the lamp to the plumber shop,
      Those "plumbers" will gratefully outfit your lamp for gas operation
      so they can get the return work. You will have to know to take it to
      a different venue. If you also walk on a football field with baseball
      equipment, well … good luck.

      Moderator/Bear: Is this the same "god of luck" people from the Far East make reference too?

      Good point. Don't assume you have
      article III protections because you claim a challenge to
      jurisdiction. Do I know you Bob L.? MJC
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