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  • cassandra vannostrand
    Sep 30, 2004
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      I liked your email on the jail mail.
      It appears in California that they are the worst, and they really do tamper with the mail there.
      In fact, it would have appeared that at a number of the jails, and at Folsom in particular that they were telling the prisoners that they could not get newspaper articles bigger than about 3 in. by about 5 inches,   ,,,,,,, which of course was ridiculous,
      so of course knowing that they read everything At comes into the jail, we and his family went ahead and had a notice that ,,,,,,,,,,,, we asked for him to keep a record of all the individuals that got the mail, the mail clerk and anyone that he could see that handled the mail, because we were in the middle of a class action lawsuit that they were not only tampering with the mails, but that they were stopping the freedom of speech of those of us on the outside sending anything at all in the mails,,,,,,, so that we could go ahead and prepare for the lawsuit,
      well, it was not long, and they started to stop the nonsense and let in all of the newspaper clippings without us cutting them out and up in a million pieces which was just totally ridiculous,
      further more, we started writing on the envelopes as to what they were doing so that all could read, and what evil and legally wrongful actions that they the mail staff or the jailers were doing to the prisoners, and hwo that this was wrongful,

      Occupant Family <lookin2c@...> wrote:
      There appears to be at least 2 problems your jail mailings will face!
      No. 1 is the "jail policy" on allowing "books and pamphlets" into a jail when
      the mailing did not originate from a reputable book publisher! Too much
      problem with smuggled drugs!
      No. 2 is that you have not given the jailor "Notice" and an opportunity to be
      heard as we have been demanding for ourselves for quite some time!
      You can do this with a simple writing or rubber stamp that states:
      Warning: Tampering, theft or interference with U.S. Mail is a Felony
      punishable by fine or imprisonment or both - 18 USC 1702, et seq. 
      I have placed this on jail mail for well over 5 years and stopped all
      interference with everything but obviously contraband items! It seems that
      "jail policy" falls when faced with a Federal Felony charge!
      Just a word of information!

      Deo volente,
      Blessed be the Lord my rock, that teacheth my hands to war,
      and my fingers to fight. Psalms 144:1
      On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:04:23 -0400 Tally Eddings <tallyeddings@...> writes:
      > Dear Sheriff Lou Blanas,

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