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  • Occupant Family
    Sep 30, 2004
      There appears to be at least 2 problems your jail mailings will face!
      No. 1 is the "jail policy" on allowing "books and pamphlets" into a jail when
      the mailing did not originate from a reputable book publisher! Too much
      problem with smuggled drugs!
      No. 2 is that you have not given the jailor "Notice" and an opportunity to be
      heard as we have been demanding for ourselves for quite some time!
      You can do this with a simple writing or rubber stamp that states:
      Warning: Tampering, theft or interference with U.S. Mail is a Felony
      punishable by fine or imprisonment or both - 18 USC 1702, et seq. 
      I have placed this on jail mail for well over 5 years and stopped all
      interference with everything but obviously contraband items! It seems that
      "jail policy" falls when faced with a Federal Felony charge!
      Just a word of information!

      Deo volente,
      Blessed be the Lord my rock, that teacheth my hands to war,
      and my fingers to fight. Psalms 144:1
      On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:04:23 -0400 Tally Eddings <tallyeddings@...> writes:
      > Dear Sheriff Lou Blanas,
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