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6476Re: [tips_and_tricks] WHO PAYS TAX?

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  • Frog Farmer
    Aug 27, 2004
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      On Aug 18, 2004, at 9:22 PM, Nilbux@... wrote:

      >    The Fed admits on page 3 of Modern Money Mechanics
      > that they operate a confidence game and that the history
      > of banking is a history of fraud.
      > It matters none what they admit if less than one percent
      > read it and the few who recite it are subject to ridicule.

      At least the few who understand it can avoid the suffering experienced
      by those who cannot.

      As Tonto asked the Lone Ranger when they were surrounded by hostile
      Indians, "what you mean 'we', Kemosabe?"

      Children often ridicule that which they are incapable of understanding.

      I once had a court case dismissed because prior to going to the trial,
      I had captured the court clerk on tape demanding payment in Federal
      Reserve Notes, using just those words. First he said, "regular green
      money", but upon a request for clarification, he said, "we demand
      Federal Reserve Notes"! There were also three witnesses.

      The first words out of the judge's mouth were not about my alleged
      offense, but were about my pre-trial visit to the clerk's office to
      ascertain just what it was they wanted from me, as there was a "note"
      attached to the case file. He didn't want to discuss the issue in
      front of a roomful of FRN-laden sheep, so instead he said, "should I
      denominate the fine in doubloons?" I replied, "you'd still have the
      same problem". He replied, "Case dismissed". I was ready to plead
      "guilty" just to force the issue of the payment of the fine, but the
      results were not worth it to the court. Better to lose a little on me
      than a lot from any who might wise up as a result of hearing any

      People do not understand that little encounter. They imagine a lot
      more had to be said, but that was how it went.
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