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6017Re: [tips_and_tricks] Can someone please help me with this?

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  • jbj
    Jul 1, 2004
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      Unfortunately, this type of circumstance comes from not knowing the process
      to follow in simple form.
      When something happens to you that is criminal in nature; you should
      complain, using a criminal complaint form or make up one. One should get and
      have a copy of the state criminal code which is available on Internet for
      most states.
      First, get the facts straight, write them down and be willing to testify
      to that set of facts. This is known as an affidavit of probable cause that
      essentially states the facts of the case or controversy.
      Second, the law must be applied to the facts and this is known as an
      affidavit of criminal complaint. In this document must be the violation of
      the criminal code that the person or persons violated.
      Our society is governed by the rule of law and when you go into court
      the facts and law are what the judge or jury will go by to make their
      decisions on guilt or innocence. That is in a short definition the way both
      criminal and civil work. Lawyers simply copy the format used in the past and
      I recommend the search for both affidavit of probable cause and criminal
      complaints to see, understand and essentially duplicate your situation based
      on the results of that search. The search can be done on the internet or at
      the courthouse, both famous cases and everyday cases of simple purse
      stealing or complicated cases of burglery and bank robbery.
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