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5846Re: [tips_and_tricks] IRS Levy.... HELP!

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    May 29, 2004
      Keith --
      Have your cousin go down to the courthouse and file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy -- the forms can be obtained over the Internet or sometimes at your local office supply store.  File the forms first thing in the morning.  Photocopy all the forms once they have been stamped by the clerk of the court.  Take the photocopies to the employer's payroll department.  The employer must immediately stop the payroll levy.  Then take the forms back to the clerk and tell him you changed your mind.  He/she will cancel the bankruptcy.  Then have your cousin contact me offgroup.
      Yours in freedom,
      Dave Miner
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      Subject: [tips_and_tricks] IRS Levy.... HELP!



         Anyone have advice for this situation…  my cousin has received from his employer an IRS “Notice for Intent to Levy”…. How can he combat this please?


      Thanks Much!


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