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5498Your Tax Dollars at Work

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  • Kevin Hart
    Mar 6, 2004
      I personally don't care if you wish to file, pay income taxes, or engage a discussion of it. That is your choice if you wish to do so. No one, not even myself is going to stop you.
      It unfortunate that this area didn't interest you. Since it didn't interest you then as it doesn't interest you now, you are not qualified to give advise on this area of law since you have a limited understanding of it. I will keep to what I know and you keep to what you know. Since this thread is at the end of the discussion as to the issues I raised originally, others can engage this thread further if they wish, all I ask you to do is delete this message if it doesn't interest you. I didn't force you to read and respond to messages and present arguments I posed for the board. You responded and posted your opinion, thank you for your view on it. I will respectfully disagree with you and I will not engage you any further on this subject.
      I also want you to know that, I could delete you complaining about how your tax dollars are being used for things you personally don't wish them to fund. Go complain to the governments and anyone you wish to howl at and how you may feel that you're abused in the process. Just remember this, you funded this non-sense with your silence and permission. I personally can't be forced to pay something that I know in my heart is completely wrong on all counts. I will not make myself subject to conform to a set of laws that is illegal in the sight of God and his words.
      Yes, I advocate a position as you advocate a position. Each one of us has our own domain on his own area of the law. Fine, let agree to disagree and respectfully deal with what we each know is right.
      Remember Mark, all of us will stand before a Sovereign God of the Universe. I have a desire to serve him and that I can speak of myself without knowing the heart of others. I don't know your heart but I will pray for you that God deals with the hearts of men and women of this nation.  
      Right now, we are at a crossroad of crisis in this nation. What we do will depend on what we do to reign the government's power base in check. I choice to pull the revenue plug you will choose something else.
      If you wish to expand your vision on something else, I will consider it and post something if the need arises. Even though we didn't agree on this subject doesn't mean that I don't understand something else. I have my experiences and you have yours. Let move on to better things and let others engage this tropic if they wish.
      Hopefully, we each learned something about each other. I don't have to go around bashing people's convictions since everyone will have to answer to God for weather you believe it or not. I know where I stand on the issues and I suppose you in your heart, you do too.
      As always, have an income tax-free day and life, 

      /s/ Kevin Hart, Non-Assumpsit kchart12@... General Manager, Truth in Taxation Ministries Office # (216) 253-5965 Fax # (216) 803-2575 Do you know that all income taxes are voluntary? Give yourself an instant raise, check it out and find out why. http://www.paynoincometax.com and http://www.paynoohioincometax.com