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  • nickster97@yahoo.com
    Jan 1, 2004
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      IF you are a holder of an EIN number, you will be held to section 26
      CFR 31.3121 and chapter 24 of the Code. This is where you are
      required as an employer, created from an EIN number with territorial
      Jurisdiction to withhold on employees of your company. You are not a
      statutorily defined withholding agent, but you are a defacto
      withholding agent as chapter 24 demands that you withhold income and
      send it to the United States. This is what Nick Jennson is in jail
      for at the moment. Luckily, people are starting to get the picture
      that something is wrong which is why he has been aquitted twice now.

      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, "scott" <scott@w...> wrote:
      > Nick,
      > Read 26CFR 1.441 Only Federal Corporations, LLC, not domestic.
      There is
      > nothing in Title 26 that tells me I have to withhold taxes out of
      > checks. First off I am not authorized as a withholding agent
      according to
      > the IRC and have not been issued a 8655 authorization form. Nor
      has the
      > Sec. of Treasure flown out to hand me a personally signed letter
      telling me
      > what books to keep and what records to keep and how. You need to
      read a
      > little more on just who is liable to Title 26, try reading
      42USC1402 or
      > 48USC1402 off the top of my head I am not sure which section it is
      > it states that title 26 is being enforced in Title 27 under the
      > Act III abolished by Congress and move to Puerto Rico in 1935.
      Theres alot
      > more here than meets the eye.
      > Scott Williams
      > Denver, Colorado
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